Your BPPV Treatment Kit!

Your “BPPV” Video Treatment Kit!

This includes:

  • Information about Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV), the most common form of vertigo
  • Video tests to KNOW which ear, which canal and which treatment to do!
  • Demonstrations of each canal-specific treatment
  • Methodical structure to follow for rare, and multi-canal BPPV
  • Peace of mind for your intermittent condition
  • Easy to follow BPPV treatment techniques useful for GPs, Audiologists, Physiotherapists or ENT surgeons

Use these 6 videos to diagnose and treat your (or your patient’s) vertigo- whenever this spontaneously occurs.

This BPPV Video Kit can go with you on holidays or anywhere at all- so vertigo does not need to hold you back!

This kit provides gentle and methodical treatments for our inner ear calcium particles to reposition back into the inner ear otoliths where they belong 😉  You can feel confident and in balance again.

Your BPPV Video Kit!

For $19.00 you receive UNLIMITED access to 6 videos that offer step by step guidance for testing and treating BPPV (valued at $450).

You can use these videos with your local GP, audiologist, physiotherapist or family-member so that you feel supported through the treatment process.

Be informed and stay supported.  BPPV can be effectively treated, when you have the right information.

A must have for anyone with unresolved or recurrent positional vertigo.

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