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we are seeking balance

Our intention in designing this online vertigo support material is to help you feel informed and supported.

Let’s do this:

– You will receive your username and password in an email soon after you sign up!

– Keep your login and password carefully protected. It is just for you 😉

– Starting with a beginner’s mindset is a good way to start

(We are all learning at our own pace)  

– Being curious is an important part of recovery

– The more time you put in, the more you get out of it

– Be gentle and kind with yourself 😉

– Medical advice and investigations are recommended to help you stay informed about your symptoms

Well done for making it this far!

You are in control. You choose what is best for you. You choose your way forwards.

See you along the way!

Joey Remenyi

The Balance Maven

Vestibular Audiologist & Mindfulness Educator

Seeking Balance Australia

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