Welcome balance seekers!

Dear Balance Seekers,


If you don’t like to read on the screen- I understand.  You can listen to this letter on audio here.

Remember, dizziness is not your fault and tinnitus is not your fault.  It happens.  Despite medical advancements, we may not know the direct cause of your vertigo/tinnitus; it is usually a complex interaction of things.  Dizziness and tinnitus can exacerbate our stress and leave us feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  And stress exacerbates our symptoms.  It can be a vicious cycle.  I hope that these resources point you in a direction of support and understanding.  

My clients of ALL AGES (yes, over 70 years age) have gained benefit from using online resources- videos, audios and worksheets.  They access support any time of day from anywhere in the world.  Most importantly, they learn how to create a daily recovery plan.  When it comes to neuroplasticity, you will benefit from having these online resources, and a team of people to cheer you on.  Watch the videos on the YouTube Channel for more motivation.

ROCK STEADY is the only in-home therapy program available for vertigo and tinnitus sufferers to learn skills and tools that teach you HOW to heal.  Nothing replaces the self-study process and nobody else can change your neurons for you.  You do neuroplasticity at home with your daily practice.  This could include sitting, standing, lying, walking, written, or meditation style practises.  I recommend that you commit 15-minutes a day to changing your brain and body neural pathways.

Listen to my clients share their recovery experiences.  

My message to you is this:

Do what you can to believe in your recovery.  Use these self-study resources to recreate new neural pathways in your body.  It requires practice, openness, and focus.  It requires specific home exercises (designed by you, just for you) .  You need clarity and step-by-step guidance.  Rock Steady offers you the resources you need ongoing to deepen your healing at home on your own.  So that you can change your brain and return to normal life.

You don’t need to do this alone.  Reach out.

If you seek personal support you can apply to work with me in a private therapy program.  I am here to support those of you who are seeking the highest level of neuroplasticity support.  I can help you answer your own questions and trust yourself again.  I have seen many recoveries over the years and I am skilled at helping people unblock the patterns and habits preventing them from healing. Neuroplasticity is an art that very few people have training in- so I understand that it can be very difficult to find the right therapist for you.

I don’t encourage you to compare yourself to others or to be distracted away from your own inner process.  You are embarking on a very personal journey.  One that you can most certainly share with trusted others- but perhaps not with anyone.  This is private healing work that you are doing.  Create your support team.  Invite in people who don’t judge you, rush you or tell you what to do.  You need to be in control of your own healing.  You need to feel supported, not disempowered.

The #1 thing I see in clinic holding people back from recovery is:



These people google a lot but don’t get started with a focused plan. They feel stuck. They over-medicate.  They try random things to ‘treat’ it.  They are waiting for someone else to give them the answer.  They are waiting for an expert “cure”.  They are focused on their symptoms rather than ‘signing up’ to find their solutions.

They are focused on eliminating symptoms rather than building the sensation that they desire.

You don’t have to become this person.  

I can reassure you that you can rebuild your ‘normal’.  You can get your life back.

Once you  are ready, begin the 12-week ROCK STEADY Program so that you can retrain your brain holistically.  This is for everyone with vertigo or tinnitus who desire comprehensive and economic support.

Why get started?

If you practice focusing on what you want to feel, you will build neural traits that allow you to enjoy your body again.  This is rewiring. Neuroplasticity.  Healing is a process not a miracle.  You can get started whenever you are ready.  

By starting the ROCK STEADY program, you will learn about healing all aspects of yourself: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You will feel and know that when everything is okay, everything is really okay.

“Pushing through”, distracting or ignoring symptoms doesn’t work and can delay your recovery.

I can give you the skills, tools and strategies you need to create your own specific recovery plan.  

I invite you to become ROCK STEADY.  

People going through the ROCK STEADY program feel the benefits and recommend it to others.  The benefits include improved sleep, confidence, happiness, resilience and focus.  The reason for this, is that the program puts you back in control.  It gives you the tools you need, to be the person you want to be.

I hope that you enjoy the free Starter Kit resources!  They are designed to show you what is possible with a new way of recovery for your symptoms. 

Invest in yourself.  Keep learning.

See you along the way, 

Joey Remenyi