The BPPV Video Kit

Your Positional Vertigo “BPPV” Video Kit!

This BPPV video kit provides education regarding how to reposition the inner ear calcium particles back into the ‘otoliths’ where they belong.  Symptoms of BPPV include spinning sensations with positional changes such as lying, rolling, looking up or bending down.

The BPPV Video Kit includes:

  • Information about Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV), the most common form of vertigo
  • Videos that teach you how to locate which ear and which canal is affected
  • Specific manoeuvres for four different types of BPPV
  • Methods for resolving rare and multi-canal BPPV
  • Peace of mind for your intermittent condition
  • Easy to follow BPPV resources for health professionals to use in clinic

Use these 6 videos to assist with your (or your patient’s) positional vertigo.

This BPPV Video Kit can travel with you on holidays- all you need is internet to access it.

The BPPV Video Kit

For $250.00 you receive lifetime access to step by step guidance for positional vertigo.

You can use these videos to help reduce anxiety, better understand and effectively manage your symptoms at home.

A must have for anyone with positional vertigo.