Overcoming Physical or Emotional Trauma

Overcoming Physical or Emotional Trauma

Join Sara on her journey with neuroplasticity to heal trauma.

My intention for this short program is to help you have support tools that speak directly to some of the difficult feelings and emotions that arise when body scanning in a body that holds trauma.

Lingering feelings and sensations of guilt, shame, disappointment, self-hatred, self-rejection, or anger can block our healing if we don’t know how to work with them. During this series I discuss how to gain deeper support with your ROCK STEADY tools and also how to seek an appropriate trauma-informed, mindfulness compassion, or embodiment therapist if you desire further ongoing professional guidance or coaching. (I do not currently offer private therapy.)

Please note:
+ This short program does not replace private therapy if it is needed.
+ This program does not aim to ‘fix’ or ‘heal’ you, but rather to give you access to skills, tools and an understanding of how you can explore healing for yourself ongoing.
+ You are invited to take each part of the program at your own pace and to be gentle with yourself if at any stage if you feel triggered.
Join now for $300
+ 10% GST if Australia is your billing country

The program includes:

+ LIVE CALL with Joey on May 17, 2022
+ 3 x recordings with Joey and Sara in private therapy (~1 hour each, with transcriptions).
+ A Replay of the July 28th Group Q&A Call with Joey.
+ Home practice ideas for you to explore in your own time.

How it works:
+ Get instant access to all 3 recordings and listen at your own pace.
+ Listen or read the transcript of the July 28th Q&A call to hear Joey and other participants share on the topic of neuroplasticity and overcoming trauma.
+ Join our LIVE CALL and chat with Joey

About this program:
+ Learn how neuroplasticity skills support overcoming trauma patterns
+ Learn how to feel safe in your body and use the body scan to gently access sensations of pleasure in daily life.
+ Learn to harness self-permission, take control back over your inner world, rewrite old neural patterns that are locked in trauma, and how to exist beside generations of trauma in our families or global community
+ Find ways to explore a deeper sense of loving compassion for yourself and others.