Welcome To Your ROCK STEADY Toolkit!


Watch this video to start your journey and take this all at your own pace 😉


During this program you will receive around two emails per week from me offering you encouragement and guidance as you undertake the ROCK STEADY program.  You can share your insights and successes with me by posting in our Facebook group. The ROCK STEADY Program does not include private email therapy, nor private therapy sessions. (If you would like support that goes beyond self-study, I encourage you to find a local therapist who specialises in self-compassion or embodiment based therapies.)


On occassion, I will offer LIVE Q&A CALLS for Rock Steady members to attend if you wish (see upcoming LIVE Q&A CALL dates here). You can listen to all call replays in your menu to benefit from the many questions your peers have asked over the years.


I encourage you to use our ROCK STEADY Facebook group for connecting to others within our program.
Enjoy your healing, trust your body, and take your time.


To get the most out of your program:

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions

For further admin/tech support please email: admin[at]seeingbalance.com.au   

Lastly, if you feel over the next few months that you have a recovery story to share with the community as a case study please contact me and we can arrange a video call together.  I want to share your success and inspire others.  Enjoy finding your peace and steadiness 😉  Take your time.  There is no rush to heal (in fact you can’t rush it!).