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Welcome to Seeking Balance.


I’m Joey Remenyi, your Vestibular Audiologist and ‘neuroplasticity’ guide for recovery of persistent vertigo and tinnitus.


I give you skills and tools to transform the wiring of your body and brain.  

Very few people have training in this process- so it might be new to you.

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Joey Remenyi is a qualified vestibular audiologist, a neuroplasticity-focused scientist, and the Founder and Director of Seeking Balance.

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What Is Vertigo?


Vertigo is a sensation of movement when we are not moving. Tinnitus is a sound that we hear within our ears, head or body.  Recovery from vertigo/tinnitus can take seconds, hours, days, months or years…  In order to re-establish balance, it helps to create an individualised plan so that you can rewire your internal system.  This plan involves gentle daily steps, actions and tools.  Without support and a specific plan, people can feel stuck in sensations of dizziness/tinnitus. 

Seeking Balance will help you to learn more about your condition and help you create your own plan for a safe and efficient recovery.


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Common Dizziness Conditions!

Many people with vertigo find computer screens difficult- so  you can listen in, and rest your eyes.  

We understand.

Here are some quick audio links about:

And some less common dizziness conditions:

Causes of dizziness symptoms ongoing:

Read about it all here.  Be informed about what your ears, brain, and body are experiencing during dizziness. This can be really valuable to help you begin your recovery.  


Why am I dizzy?  Can I cure vertigo? How do I treat imbalance?

(Let’s find out.)

Join us and learn to:


  • Cultivate a resilience mindset that feels good, moment to moment
  • Practise mindfulness daily
  • Manage your balance disturbance using “vestibular compensation”
  • Manage intermittent symptoms & worries
  • Strengthen your “residual” balance pathways with specific tools
  • Reduce anxiety related to dizziness
  • Prevent escalation of dizzy symptoms
  • Support your natural repair processes
  • Learn ‘home treatment’ options for your positional vertigo
  • Boost your emotional tool-kit so that you can create calm
  • Learn from home (so you don’t have to travel for appointments) 
  • And, respond to dizzy/tinnitus moments with kindness and heartfelt action


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There is a force within that gives you life — Seek that.”