Social Context, Safety, & Scholarships



Finding safety, a sense of peace, calm, or steadiness, can be difficult beyond the presence of symptoms. 


Some of us in this community may be born into places with a higher incidence of danger, threat, violence, judgment, social pressure, oppression, environment disaster or lack of freedom with sexual identity—this is not a complete list, but I want to begin a conversation for our members who identify with being a minority and experiencing difficulty based on social context. 


I hear you. I see you. I welcome you here. 
Our group is a space where we share a common interest in healing Not-Quite-Right (NQR) bodily sensations that we sense, feel or hear, using neuroplasticity.


However, I recognize that we also share different challenges, obstacles, and struggles along the way. Many of these obstacles are a result of unfair power imbalances in the world as it is right now. 


I would like to extend an invitation to all of you reading this who relate and feel the lived reality of injustice, social/cultural/historical pressures, or any sense of inequality.
Please apply for a Rock Steady scholarship if you would like to participate in our full RS program and yet feel unable to afford it.

I want everyone to have access to Rock Steady and I do not want to add further barriers to healing—the world provides enough challenges. 

For those of you who can afford and do purchase my programs—thank you. This feeds our wider community and enables me to give generously to our global scholarship program.

Since we began our Scholarship program in 2018, we have given away upwards of $400,000 in scholarships to those in need. Our community is filled with scholarship recipients, who have generously shared a number of Case Studies with our community.

We have members from war affected regions, developing countries and places of political instability. 


We have members who live in households or neighbourhoods with lack of safety and emotional instability. 


We have female members from countries of significant oppression toward women where RS principles are culturally challenging to apply—and yet they are navigating their way, on their own terms, finding their own path. 


We have members from places that have experienced devastating environmental crisis and tragedy. 


We can’t change the world in a flash, but we can meet reality and make space to acknowledge that parts of life for many people are messy, unfair and hard. From this place, they are choosing to heal with neuroplasticity, and I acknowledge that this is a challenge. 


For those of us with privilege, we can listen and we can support others by believing when they share their story, we can hold their truth with reverence. We can listen without judgment. 


At some level, we likely all understand human struggle and feelings of powerlessness. It’s not a comparison or a competition. It’s a global reality that we are feeling through in our own way. We are not all treated equally. We don’t all have equal opportunities. 


Can we pause to nourish our wholeness, find our strength, and then be present to our fellow humans alongside us who may feel marginalized? Can we make space to listen?


To apply for a Rock Steady scholarship please visit this page. Mandy will be in touch within a few weeks—please be patient. She attends to every application personally.


Please email admin [at] seekingbalance [dot] com [dot] au if you would like to reach out for any reason.