Joey's Story


“Hi, I’m Joey, your Balance Maven. I want you to rediscover your potential. Let’s rewire your balance nature’s way.

Because you can. Because the world needs you.”

## meet joey


Hi. I’m Joey, the Founder and Director of Seeking Balance Australia.

I’m a vestibular audiologist, mindfulness educator, heart-driven yogini and neuroplasticity scientist.

What this means is that I help you rewire and retrain your brain so that you can find your steadiness.

I am the only vestibular audiologist in Australia with a primary focus upon recovery of persistent dizziness and tinnitus.  And I don’t sell hearing aids.

Through my private clinic and world-class eLearning support programs, I teach you HOW to rediscover your confidence holistically and do it on your terms, at home.



## the back story

My vertigo and tinnitus career started at The University of Melbourne… from 2002-2014.

You might be wondering why I left my position at this world-class Balance Disorders Clinic?  

It was an epic part of my early career and I had the pleasure of meeting many vertigo/tinnitus clients while working with a team of elite medical colleagues.

In 2008 my brother broke his neck skiing.  

He became a quadriplegic, and I became one of his primary carers.  Life took my brother home to the coast, The Great Ocean Road, where he could recreate his life with family networks to support him.

I chose to leave Melbourne and live near my brother so that I could quite literally be his arms (or legs) when he needed assistance.  

I created Seeking Balance online so that I could live by the coast, offer high-quality accessible resources to my vertigo and tinnitus clients, and be available as a carer for my brother.  

It has quite simply been the best decision I ever made (read more).  

Working via video calls and eLearning platforms has enabled me to reach more people globally and see better lasting outcomes in shorter periods of time.  

Shifting my professional clinic online has transformed my clients results for the better and given me the flexibility to surf on my lunch breaks.  

I do it my way.  I give you the freedom to do it your way.


## I understand how you feel

I remember what it’s like to feel lost in the medical options.

With more burning questions than real answers.

Why do I feel like this? Will I get better? How long will this take? Is it possible?


How do I know? Because I was there.

I get it.

I’ve had that spinning, swaying sensation. I’ve had both vertigo and tinnitus

How did I feel? I felt distressed. I felt ‘out of body’. Everything was loud. I wanted to escape myself but I knew I couldn’t. Luckily, I had an ‘inner ear’ Masters degree and I could navigate my way to calm.

I turned a corner. My brain changed. My symptoms disappeared. I got through it.

Now I have dedicated my career to supporting vertigo and tinnitus clients through their recovery process.

I designed the digital road map.

## what I believe


I believe you are the expert in how you feel and what you need. 

I believe your brain, your eyes, your ears and your body know what to do innately – they want elegant neural networking.

You need to stop delays upon the internal resetting process.

Every person has their own unique journey toward their desired outcomes.

I see recovery as a process toward understanding your body on a deep and forgiving level.

It’s learning how to feel good about yourself again.

And knowing, your body is on your team.

## a bit more about me

When I’m not walking you through your balance journey, I’m busy creating, connecting, making music and jumping into the beauty of nature.  Or I am helping out my brother Dan and my nephew Raf.

People love my ability to say YES to random opportunities.

I’ve done everything from stand-up comedy to walking the Spanish Camino trail to playing my violin (aka “fiddle”) in community bands and performing in festivals around the world.    I volunteer as a community music leader for the local Surf Coast Old Time Street Orchestra (SCOTSO) where we make music with mindfulness, compassion and heartfelt mindsets.  

Music has created a pathway to profound and lasting friendships in my life.

Surfing has helped me overcome my fears and mindfulness skills were so important… to go from terrified to joyous, from total overwhelm to ‘mission accomplished’.  I did it.

I am told that I am present, warm, engaging, loving and wise.

My calling is to bring you one step closer to your sovereignty, your inner ‘Self’.


So you know a bit about me and why I created Seeking Balance.

Here’s the professional bio with all the serious stuff.

## media bio

Joanna Remenyi (Joey) is your balance maven and the Founder and Director of Seeking Balance Australia.


Armed with a Masters in Clinical Audiology and a Bachelor of Arts (Major in Psychology) from The University of Melbourne, as well as 18- years of mindfulness practice, Joey is experienced in bringing a methodical recovery process to those with audio-vestibular conditions.


Known as a vestibular audiologist, mindfulness educator, global presenter, senior registered yoga teacher and neuroplasticity-focused scientist, Joey helps people suffering from dizziness, tinnitus and vertigo take positive steps towards finding their sense of true balance.


Joey offers training in mindfulness skills to health professionals working with chronic conditions and runs world class online vertigo programs designed to empower clients to understand their symptoms and rewire their experience of balance. She invites each client to take the driving seat in their recovery.

## a final note from me

Find what works for you.  Ask questions.  Be informed.

I’m here to help you find your way of recovery.

Let’s begin your balance journey now.




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