Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the integrative medicine approach to vertigo and tinnitus?

Integrative medicine is a patient-centred approach to health, where patient and practitioner are equal partners in the process of healing.  

This approach differs from conventional treatments in that a personalised strategy for healing is developed, taking into account mind, body, spirit and community.  It draws upon an array of evidence-based scientific disciplines and encourages using the best medical investigation pathways at hand.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  

Integrative medicine is firmly grounded in this definition.  Using the fundamentals of neuroplasticity I developed an innovated eLearning and video therapy approach, so that integrative support is accessible for more people to achieve better outcomes.

  • Can I book in a single 1-hour session with you?

Not everyone needs therapy or 1:1 support.  Firstly, try the free resources and explore the self-study options to see if this provides you with the solutions you need.  For many people, this will be enough.  

My private therapy sessions are for people who are seeking a deeper level of holistic support (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) for lasting transformation.

For this reason, I don’t encourage single session consultations.  To get the best results, I recommend committing to a period of time as in my 6-month Beautiful Balance program.  In a single session, we are limited in what can be achieved; neural changes require time and commitment.  I will occasionally book single sessions for review consults (e.g. a follow up). Email me to discuss your need.  

  • What are your rates Joey?

Working privately with me is a significant investment in your health and well-being. The cost of this service reflects the benefits you will receive and the time I commit to your recovery.

When you become one of my private clients, you begin working with a global leader in the field of vestibular audiology, and you gain years of experience in the science of neuroplasticity and incorporating the holistic approach of integrative medicine.  See my rates here.

  • Can I see you in person, face-to-face in Geelong?

I encourage my private clients to use Zoom video/audio calls for our 1-hour sessions.  

In my experience, clients get better outcomes when they develop the independence to access eLearning and support from home.  These clients demonstrate more problem-solving behaviours and proactively use email support to reach out as needed.  I observe that clients who only attend face-to-face sessions (like the traditional model of therapy) demonstrate more dependency behaviours and make slower progress.  

I highly recommend you take advantage of eLearning and video therapy within Beautiful Balance.  For face-to-face work, I recommend that you consider a personal retreat with me.

  • What if computer screens make me feel dizzy?

It’s not uncommon for display screens to provoke discomfort, especially during migraine or acute incidents of vertigo such as a recent bout of Meniere’s or labyrinthitis.  It’s a sign that the brain is undergoing a period of change and may benefit from rest (for example darkness and stillness).  Screen sensitivity can pass in less than an hour, or it may take a day or two.  It’s important not to push yourself or you risk exacerbating it.

I provide a lot of audio resources (listen to my neuroplasticity for vertigo and tinnitus play list) so that you can close your eyes and simply listen without using screens. I suggest you experiment with my free resources, and I don’t recommend that you invest in my programs until you can manage those comfortably.  

To make active changes to your brain and body, you need ‘neural space’ for learning.  When you’re in a state of heightened sensitivity, you may benefit from reducing your stimulation load, rather than increasing it.  (You learn more about this in ROCK STEADY.)  Once your screen sensitivities have settled, you can then comfortably engage in eLearning.  

Remember that this is an investment in your future and there is no benefit in getting started before you are feeling ready.

  • Where do I start if I am new to this?

Welcome!  You can explore The Seeking Balance Starter Kit or 7 Days of Support to give you a taste of eLearning for vertigo and tinnitus.  I highly recommend that you put 1 hour aside to watch the Master Class for Vertigo and Tinnitus.

  • I just signed up but I can’t find my confirmation email?

I understand! Try these things:

  1. Maybe you made a simple error when typing your email address. Try signing up again.
  2. Check if the email has landed in your junk mail or promotions tab.  
  3. For further support about getting started and logging in, watch this support video.