• Where do I find Joey on YouTube? You can watch Joey’s YouTube channel for persistent dizziness and tinnitus here: Subscribe now.
  • Can I watch the Mindfulness for Vertigo and Tinnitus Webinars? Yes.  Learn mindfulness skills and tools at home! Watch now
  • What is the FREE Starter Kit? This is an FREE online mini-home program with access to information about all types of dizziness, tinnitus and vertigo.  It contains some videos, audios, pdf downloads and interviews with vertigo experts.  Sign up for your own FREE membership username and password.
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  • Is the ROCK STEADY 12-week Program for me?  This is for independent learners who want the full resource TOOL-KIT for understanding and mastering symptoms.  This is for you if you feel motivated and curious to learn more about prevention of symptoms and how to strengthen your balance system daily, at home.  You want to learn at your own pace and use the audios/videos as needed.  Learn more. 
  • Is the Beautiful Balance Program for me?  This is for you if you want professional guidance to support you with gentle step-by-step tools.  You might feel confused or deeply concerned about your symptoms and want to discover more about the mind-body relationship.  This programs includes 1:1 support with Joey over 4-months (using Zoom Video Calls).  By application only.  Apply now.
  • How do I login to access my resources? Watch this LOGIN SUPPORT VIDEO.
  • 100% Money Back Cooling Off Period: We stand by this program and believe that if you put the time in, you will feel the benefits.  Contact us by email within 7-days of registering for the program if you wish to cancel your membership for a full refund.  We do not provide refunds for change of mind or used 1:1 sessions.
  • What does weekly or biweekly drip-feed mean?  During the 12-week program you can choose to have your 6-Modules arrive to your inbox each week (weekly) or each two-weeks (bi-weekly).  It depends on how often you prefer new content to be available to you.  For Beautiful Balance we recommend Bi-weekly.
  • What if I forget my password? Go to the login page and click “Forgot your password”.  This will allow you to create a new password.
  • What is the Sponsorship Bank?  This is a community bank of 1:1 sessions that are donated to support someone in financial need.  Anyone can donate sessions to the Sponsorship Bank.  Joey has a limited number of sessions that she contributes each year.
  • How do I get help with streaming the audios on Sound Cloud? Try closing and reopening the browser.  Check your internet connection is strong.  And check this ‘audio support’ link for further information.
  • How to I get help if the videos aren’t loading properly? Try closing and reopening the browser.  Check your internet connection is strong.  And check this ‘video support’ link for further information.
  • What if I can’t access my membership anymore? Try changing your password and login again with your new password.
  • Can I share my username and password with others?  No.  If you share your password and username with someone else, your membership may be automatically cancelled. 
  • How do I upgrade from ROCK STEADY to BEAUTIFUL BALANCE so that I can work 1:1 with Joey?  Hit reply to your Rock Steady emails to discuss how you can work 1:1 with Joey.
  • What if I can’t access my login?  Try to close the browser and reopen it.  You may need to wait a minute or so if the site is under maintenance.




  • How can I speak with Joey? Book a Free 15-min video call to discuss how you can work 1:1 with Joey.  Make sure you are familiar with the Beautiful Balance Program (and our Client Agreements).
  • Do I need a referral? No.  However, you will need one if you are eligible for (and claiming) an Australian Medicare rebate for your 1:1 sessions (see below).
  • Can I claim on Medicare or my health fund? Yes for your 1:1 sessions only.  Medicare rebates are available with a referral for Allied Health appointments from your local doctor within Australia. Print this link to take with you to your GP to discuss further. Check with your private health fund about whether it provides a rebate for audiology management.
  • Should I bring any previous tests with me to the appointment? This is up to you.  
  • Will any testing be conducted at the appointment? Positional vertigo may be assessed.  We may do this over a call if you are living remotely.
  • What are inner ear exercises? These are simple exercises that help the inner ears and balance organs relearn various movements.  These may be done with stillness while sitting, standing or lying!  These are not mechanical or robotic; nor are they quick and repetitive.
  • What is a vestibular audiologist? Someone with specialised study and detailed knowledge of the inner ear, in particular of the vestibular, or balance, organs.  A vestibular audiologist can help us understand the recovery/adaptation mechanisms of dizziness, vertigo, nausea, tinnitus and hearing.
  • What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a skill that can be practised and taught. It requires three parts: observation of something specific; openness and non-judgement toward what is seen; and cultivating a curiosity each moment.  When working with Joey 1:1 you will learn how to apply these skills directly to your body, your symptoms and your life. You will go beyond what is taught in a group class or workshop.  
  • What can I expect working 1:1 with Joey?  When working with Joey, you will embark on a personal journey over roughly 4-6 months.  Using a daily practice of 15-mins, you will learn new skills and tools that bring you closer to your whole-hearted self.  You will be supported to ignite self-compassion and forgiveness for yourself, so that you can feel confident and calm daily.  You will learn to focus with artful grace and be the person you desire to be.  In specific, gentle steps.