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Elizabeth’s Recovery of Distressing Vertigo and Tinnitus

Elizabeth had chronic dizziness and tinnitus with a high symptom score of 72%. She had no exact diagnosis from her doctors but she did have medical clearance. Elizabeth began the ROCK STEADY® program and also did Private Therapy with me to learn how to use neuroplasticity for her healing. She is back to normal. She loves her body and she feels better than ever. Elizabeth says that she had lost herself and now has her younger ‘inner child’ self back.  Elizabeth’s symptom score reduced to 0%.

Persistent Dizziness Recovery Case Study  

Elisa had experienced persistent dizziness with anxiety for 12 years.  She had full medical investigation without a clear diagnosis.  She had a perceived disability score of 36 that reduced to 6 by Module 3 of ROCK STEADY®.  She now has a symptom score of 0 (!!!) and has graduated from the Beautiful Balance program.  She shares her perspective of the recovery journey.

Elisa says: “I shifted more ‘shit’ in this 4 months than I did in 10 years of therapy”

Bruce’s Tinnitus (and Sleep) Recovery

Bruce shares his recovery of severe tinnitus and sleep disturbance. His symptom disability score reduced from 26 to 0 while using ROCK STEADY® skills and tools. Bruce shares his perspective about going within and doing what you can to rewire the brain, to completely ease symptoms.

Randi’s Recovery Case Study for Lifelong dizziness and Migraine

Randi shares her experience with lifelong migraine and positional vertigo. Her initial perceived disability score was at a maximum of 100. She now has completed 5 of the 6 Modules of ROCK STEADY® and has already seen her symptom score reduce to only 4. Randi shares her journey of becoming empowered. From feeling alone and debilitated to healing.

Recovery of Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD)

Dawn shares her recovery of PPPD after 17-years of struggling, trying everything and being told that she had to live with it.  She is now back to normal after completing both the ROCK STEADY®.  Dawn explains how she discovered her own healing and how it felt to be in the neuroplasticity process.  Her symptom score reduced from 58 to only 2.  She now has her life back.

Nahdia’s Case Study: Healing Tinnitus with Heart

Meet Nahdia. She shares her recovery story of both tinnitus and feeling not-quite-right. Her Beautiful Balance healing was deeply embedded in searching for meaning, finding a career that was in alignment with her values and living with her heart. Nahdia had an initial perceived disability score of 26 that has since reduced to only 4. She has completed 4 of the 6 ROCK STEADY® Modules and continues with her healing process on her own terms.

Recovery of vertigo and tinnitus with Jennie

Jennie was hospitalised with sudden vertigo and hearing loss six years ago. Since then has felt frustrated and depressed with ongoing tinnitus and chronic pain. She talks through her recovery process. Her perceived disability score improved from 36 to only 2 after completing ROCK STEADY®.  

Jennie now feels confident and no longer has fear of vertigo, tinnitus or chronic pain.  She says that she has achieved more than she ever expected with neuroplasticity.

Sue’s Video Case Study: severe tinnitus

Sue was referred by her Ear Nose & Throat surgeon to Seeking Balance for support with severe tinnitus.  Her initial disability score was 28 and her main concern at the time was the associated anxiety and sleep disturbance.  She has now completed her Beautiful Balance private therapy program and her disability score has reduced to 0.  Sue talks about her journey in deciding to reach out for help, and what the holistic process was like for her.

Learn more about Sue here:

Scott’s Recovery of Social Anxiety, BPPV and Persistent Dizziness.

Scott shares his recovery of persistent vertigo and social anxiety. His initial perceived disability of 44 reduced all the way down to 0. Scott has returned to normal and got his life back. His positional vertigo has resolved, the persistent dizziness in his body has disappeared and his anxiety has been soothed after completing the ROCK STEADY® and BEAUTIFUL BALANCE programs.

Recovery of Tinnitus, Dizziness and Sleep with Chona.

Chona had an initial symptom disability score of 64 that included severe tinnitus, sleep disturbance and fear of losing her job.  She had a full recovery with her symptoms reducing to 0 after completing ROCK STEADY® and BEAUTIFUL BALANCE.  She has since been promoted at work, is able to handle more responsibility, has increased confidence and is able to support others with new energy.  Chona is able to live her life to the fullest.  She is now sleeping deeply and has her life back.

Alison Overcoming Meniere’s Attacks

Alison shares her recovery of severe Meniere’s with weekly vertigo attacks lasting for 24-hours. Alison no longer eats a rigid low-salt diet and has returned to normal. She is back playing tennis and socialising with her loved ones. Her initial perceived disability score of 54 has now reduced to 0 since completing ROCK STEADY® and Beautiful Balance.

Recovery After a Decade of BPPV and PPPD

Julie shares her ‘rationalist’ perspective of healing vertigo with a holistic approach.  She had tried a decade of physiotherapy, general psychology, medical specialists and medications without success.  Julie’s symptom score reduced from 50 to 0 and she keeps improving with time.  She completed ROCK STEADY® and BEAUTIFUL BALANCE months ago and her symptoms have remained in background of her life allowing her to live normally without fear of BPPV nor PPPD.  She has her confidence and independence back.

Overcoming PPPD and Vestiulbar Migraine with Self-Study

Diane shares her healing process as she overcomes Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD) and vestibular migraine (VM). She reports a symptom reduction of 71% since starting ROCK STEADY®. She continues with her healing and says that she has her life back now as she returns to movement classes, social life, regains her confidence and can now travel!  Diane now feels empowered and sees life with new eyes.

Recovery of PPPD: from hopelessness to empowerment

Cathy shares her experience of recovery from PPPD.  Her initial symptoms score was 78 but she now feels that she is getting back to normal after only Module 3!  Cathy describes less fatigue and nausea as well as feeling more confident, less anxiety, less fear and more peace within herself.  She says ROCK STEADY® is the ‘best thing ever’ for taking back control of her life (after trying everything and still feeling helpless).

Recovery of PPPD and VM with ROCK STEADY

Meet Jane from the UK who shares what recovery felt like for her as she used the ROCK STEADY® process.  She had a difficult diagnosis of both Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD) and Vestibular migraine (VM).  Jane shares her challenges and insights. She opens up about her healing process and what it feels like for her.  Watch this space as we follow Jane’s Progress!

Video Case Study: vestibular migraine “Give it a go” 

NOTE: I helped Janice investigate vestibular migraine through private therapy and to better understand her symptoms (that are now resolved).  She reports her perceived disability has improved from 54 to only 8.  Janice uses The ROCK STEADY® Toolkit to keep her in line with her desired outcomes.  She knows exactly what to do each day.  

Janice chooses her skills, tools and exercises at home; she is now happy, confident and independent.

Listen to Ruth’s Meniere’s Case Study (listen here 10 mins).

Ruth shares her story (listen now) on starting the ROCK STEADY® program to help her ease her symptoms (foggy, heavy head, tinnitus, dizziness, fear of Meniere’s attacks, avoidance of social events…etc).  Her disability reduced from 84 to only 6.

Ruth reports feeling more ‘free’ in her mind and stronger in her body with a daily practice of 15-minutes.

Judy’s Recovery of Oscillopsia, Persistent Vertigo and Fear  

Judy shares her experience of persistent dizziness, anxiety, oscillopsia and her recovery back into normal life (listen here). Judy had an initial perceived disability of 54 that reduced to only 8. She is able to do the things she loves, and feels that she has her ‘power’ back and better understands her ongoing healing process (using ROCK STEADY® she is still seeing steady improvements).  Listen to Judy’s audio here.

98% recommend ROCK STEADY to others suffering with vertigo or tinnitus.

ROCK STEADY participants who completed all six modules showed a statistically significant overall improvement of 77.3%.  

You can read more about the research we have have collected here.

NOTE: for those of you currently doing the ROCK STEADY program, please inform your doctors about starting it and share your ongoing progress scores with them.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in case studies or completing questionnaires- I value your time and efforts.  

Keep healing!

*As of 17th January, 2019