ROCK STEADY is a toolkit to help you get your life back using neuroplasticity. 

Learn how to heal your vertigo or tinnitus symptoms with a 15-minute daily practice.

ROCK STEADY includes physical vestibular rehabilitation as well as support for the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your recovery.

Make use of the body’s ability to change its own neural connections and heal symptoms of vertigo, dizziness or tinnitus.  Use a dramatically different approach and learn via integrative medicine.  

NEW! Connect with your peers with group call recordings.  Listen to how they overcome recovery challenges, gain insights and form solutions.  (You don’t have to do this alone.)

ROCK STEADY runs over 12 weeks (but keep it for life).

  • You receive access to six self-paced eLearning modules.  There are more than 350 minutes of audio and 23 videos.
  • That’s equivalent to 12 x 1-hour private therapy sessions.

Learn online with easy-to-follow audios, videos, worksheets and emails.

  • Easy-to-use technology.
  • Learn in the comfort of your own home.
  • Reduce the need for ongoing therapy.

Learn how to adapt and rewire your neural pathways.

Understand your symptoms, create change and feel better.

Regain control of your life (all you need is internet access).

The data shows 97% of ROCK STEADY users feel benefit and recommend it.


Get ROCK STEADY and listen to the LIVE GROUP CALL recordings for A$950.

The ROCK STEADY group calls are an effective way for you to feel connected.

Listen to your peers from around the world share their recovery insights while using the ROCK STEADY tools.

Who ROCK STEADY is for

ROCK STEADY is for anyone with dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus, ‘not-quite-right’ or ‘disconnected’ feelings.

You may have tried everything (!) and been diagnosed with a condition like:

  • persistent postural-perceptual dizziness (PPPD or 3PD)
  • vestibular migraine
  • persistent tinnitus
  • Meniere’s disease
  • mal de debarquement syndrome
  • benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

Or maybe you don’t have a firm diagnosis yet. ROCK STEADY is for you if you have tried everything – numerous doctors, devices, therapies, and endless investigations – but you still feel not-quite-right. 

ROCK STEADY also includes strategies and tools for: 

  • anxiety
  • sleep disturbance
  • muscle tension
  • chronic pain

Use professional guidance to help you heal.  This is your in-home therapy toolkit.

What ROCK STEADY is about

ROCK STEADY shows you what’s happening in your body, and how to rewire your body to get your peace of mind and confidence back.

I use a gentle, evidence-based, integrative medicine approach.

  • I consider the whole person – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • You own your recovery, controlling your own personal daily plan
  • I go beyond a ‘magic fix’ or prescriptive one-size-fits-all approach.
  • ROCK STEADY can complement any current approach you’re using, e.g. medicine, diet, exercise.
  • Take a less is more approach.  Stop doing ‘exercises’ and start being at ease.

Build self-belief, wellbeing and body strength.  Learn practical strategies for managing tension, sleep, tinnitus, anxiety and dizziness.

Many clients report immediate relief from symptoms when they use our tools.

Start ROCK STEADY today.

Get ROCK STEADY and listen to the LIVE GROUP CALL recordings for A$950.

The ROCK STEADY group calls are an effective way for you to feel connected.

Listen to your peers from around the world share their recovery insights while using the ROCK STEADY tools.

Your commitment

You’ll need around one hour each two-weeks to work through the audio and video, plus 15 minutes a day to practise the exercises.

I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I encourage you to commit as best you can to your daily program to maximise your chances of improving symptoms.

You belong here if you want to

  • feel focused on solutions not symptoms
  • reset your ‘neural’ filters and learn the art of prevention
  • strengthen, tone, and feel solid in your body
  • develop recovery insight and regain self-belief
  • say ‘yes’ to things you love (no longer limit your activities around symptoms)

Here’s a sneak peek:

Module 1: Finding steadiness

Learn how to release neck and shoulder tension (essential for anyone with dizziness or tinnitus).  Start your daily home program and feel better for it. Learn what to do during episodes of spontaneous symptoms.

Module 2: Exploring our mind, thoughts and actions

Understand your unique inner process to remove triggers to your symptom cycles and best strengthen your brain, body and subtle neural pathways.  You’ll look at ‘cleaning out’ your old perception filters and taking a fresh look at your core beliefs.

Module 3: Thinking outside the box

Recovery requires variety so that multiple new neural pathways can develop within your body and mind. Begin to introduce new daily activities with gentle curiosity.  Discover how to stay supported during difficult moments.  Learn how to update your personal daily practice as you progress.  

Module 4:  Becoming ROCK STEADY

Learn how to keep your body biology in ‘repair’ mode and prevent delaying your recovery.  Begin to recognise when you are feeling stuck in a mindset of ‘worry’ and how this can impact on your healing.  Learn to be prepared for whatever sensations you feel each day.  Step into confidence.

Module 5: Cultivating mindset

Master any feelings, doubts and persistent thoughts that challenge you as you move forwards. Learn how to support yourself and feel prepared within uncertainty.  Back yourself.  Keep moving forwards.  Rebuild, rewire, reset.

Module 6: Trusting your inner wisdom

Step into your inner wisdoms and values daily.  Lean in, and trust that your body knows what to do. Explore your changing needs and look at thriving as a new way of life.  Rework your neural pathways and remain focused on your desired feelings.  Be the person you want to be.

Does it work?  99% of ROCK STEADY users report benefit.

CASE STUDY: Listen here

Ruth shares her story on starting the ROCK STEADY program to help her ease her symptoms (foggy, heavy head, tinnitus, dizziness, fear of Meniere’s attacks, avoidance of social events…etc). Her symptom disability score has since reduced from 84 to only 6 (within normal limits!).

Ruth reports feeling more ‘free’ in her mind and stronger in her body with a daily practice of 15-minutes.

Randi’s Recovery Case Study: Lifelong Dizziness and Migraine

Randi shares her experience of healing lifelong anxiety and dizziness. Her initial perceived disability score was at a maximum of 100.  By Module 5 of 6 in ROCK STEADY her symptom score had already reduced to only 4. Randi shares her journey of becoming empowered. From feeling alone and debilitated, to self-study and healing.

Start ROCK STEADY now.

Get ROCK STEADY and listen to the LIVE GROUP CALL recordings for A$950.

The ROCK STEADY group calls are an effective way for you to feel connected.

Listen to your peers from around the world share their recovery insights while using the ROCK STEADY tools.

The Success Rates of ROCK STEADY: The data.

*We currently have 1,950 people Seeking Balance** and our data collection shows that symptom progress scores are improving for ROCK STEADY users.  The data collected is from clients who consent to be involved in research.  We have a research sample of 233 participants.  99% of these ROCK STEADY users report feeling benefit and would recommend the program to those suffering with vertigo or tinnitus.  

The average disability score of people prior to commencing ROCK STEADY is 51.8.  This means that they experience symptoms more than 50% of the time in functional, emotional or positional situations.  This is a perceived disability in daily life that impacts significantly on their quality of life.  

In contrast, the average perceived disability score of people who are currently participating in ROCK STEADY is only 26.7.  

ROCK STEADY participants show an average improvement of 72.6%.  This means that they are feeling on average 72.6% better in functional, emotional and positional situations since starting the ROCK STEADY program when compared to their initial perceived symptom score.  Of the 41 participants we tracked, 15 of these (36.5%) had more than a 90% improvement in their symptom scores.

NOTE: Medical advice from your doctor is recommended and we encourage you to inform your doctor about starting ROCK STEADY and to share your progress scores with them.

(Thank you to everyone who has completed questionnaires- I value your time and efforts.  Keep going!)

**As of 20th March, 2018

Start ROCK STEADY today.

Get the FULL recovery toolkit today and listen to your peers in our recorded ROCK STEADY group calls for A$950.

Bruce’s Tinnitus (and Sleep) Recovery

Bruce shares his recovery of severe tinnitus and sleep disturbance. His symptom disability score reduced from 26 to 0 while using ROCK STEADY skills and tools. Bruce shares his perspective about going within and doing what you can to rewire the brain, to completely ease symptoms.

Joey Remenyi
MClinAud, MaudSA (CCP), BA (Psych), ACT/CBT (cert), Senior Yoga Teacher

I’m Joey Remenyi, the Founder and Director of Seeking Balance Australia.

I’m a world leading vestibular audiologist focused on neuroplasticity, and a registered senior yoga and mindfulness teacher with 18 years of experience. I’ve worked and trained with leading neurologists, ENT surgeons, psychologists and vestibular physiotherapists. 

I understand the limitations and challenges you face.   

I created this self-study program so that you can stop relying on device or therapies and get your life back, holistically.

I’ve had thousands of people walk through my door feeling exhausted, burnt out, frustrated and helpless.

And I’ve been there too

I’ve had both vertigo and tinnitus. I found a process to get through it. 

Now I’m here to show you that you can feel ROCK STEADY and learn about the art of neuroplasticity.