Self-Study Programs

I offer a variety of self-study programs to suit all budgets and desired outcomes.  

These programs are suitable for any diagnosis with unwanted sensations or uncomfortable symptoms.

1. The Seeking Balance FREE Starter Kit

This is a perfect starting place for everyone. 

  • Take a FREE 2-week trial of eLearning for vertigo and tinnitus.  
  • Get bonus access to The Master Class for Vertigo and Tinnitus (1 hour)

2. The 7 Days of Support

AU$50 + GST for Australian residents ​​​​​​​

This program is perfect for anyone with uncomfortable or intermittent symptoms.

  • Receive ~5 minute audios direct to your email daily
  • This includes lifetime access to the Starter Kit resources

3. The BPPV Video Kit: for positional vertigo

AU$250 + GST for Australian residents

Suitable for people with recurrent positional vertigo and for health professionals wanting resources for the diagnosis and treatment of BPPV.

  • Learn to diagnose and treat both common and rare variations of BPPV at home.

4. ROCK STEADY: The 12 week full toolkit

AU$950 + GST for Australian residents.  LIMITED PLACES!

The ROCK STEADY program is for anyone with unwanted symptoms persisting longer than 6 weeks.

  • Understand your symptoms from an integrative medicine approach including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery.
  • This includes The BPPV Video Kit + Starter Kit.

You have lifetime access to the entire ROCK STEADY Toolkit so that you can tap into your healing any time of day.  Anywhere.

There is a force within that gives you life — Seek that.”