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## it feels good to have a plan.

When daily life feels uncertain, a plan feels steady.

We aim to help you master vertigo, dizziness, imbalance and tinnitus in a new way.

At Seeking Balance, we go beyond one quick fix or generic prescription.

We offer you the ultimate toolkit to reclaim your balance.


## find the right program for you



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This “unlimited” ROCK STEADY program is designed to help you keep calm and thrive on. Your dizziness could become the gift that brings you closer to your true balance. We’ll show you how to make neuroplasticity your best friend and “rewire” yourself at home, in simple steps.

You’ll enjoy ongoing access to all the tools and resources available in this Rock Steady online program. This means you have lifetime access to the program to help you supercharge your recovery process at your own pace. You can feel at ease. Any time of day. Anywhere.

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(one-on-one support to gently fast-track your results)

Say goodbye to those days of endless worry.

Beautiful Balance is a world-class 4-month program for people who want one-on-one support.

You’ll feel completely supported with “1:1 sessions” (you meet on video with Joey roughly every 14 days), regular email check-ins and a personalised plan to help you find your balance and thrive.

For the best momentum and step-by-step clarity, this gentle program is the fastest route to finding your beautifully balanced life. There are limited spots (by application only).

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3. Are you a health professional or yoga teacher looking for mindfulness & neuroplasticity training?


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This is where the science of neuroplasticity and the art of mindfulness collide.

It’s where authenticity, practical strategy and gentle wisdom meet.

Bring mindfulness skills and tools into both your personal and professional life.  

Learn by doing.


There is a force within that gives you life — Seek that.”