Book a 30 minute video consultation

I invite you to book a 30-minute initial consultation with me:

  • First watch The Free Master Class for Vertigo and Tinnitus prior to our call. This will answer the most common questions that I hear and help us to get the most out of our time together.
  • Please purchase your initial consultation and reserve your time using the calendar link. My online calendar allows you to book using your local timezone- you will receive an email notification with all of your booking details confirmed.

This is a private video consultation with me to discuss your main concerns and the options for best managing your condition. You may use a computer, iPad or smart phone for the consultation.  

Bookings available Monday to Thursday (8am-6pm) Melbourne Australian Eastern Time (AET). However, you choose a time in your local timezone that suits you, no matter where you live.  

Please read my FAQ for further information.