Healing for Vertigo and Tinnitus

Heal with audios, videos, and emails that guide you.

Learn about the power of neuroplasticity for healing and begin designing your own map for healing –
one that is specific to you and your own needs and desires.

Welcome, Balance Seeker!

I’m Joey Remenyi and I can teach you how to consciously use neuroplasticity to repair persistent dizziness, disequilibrium or tinnitus, or any persistent, unwanted sensations you may be experiencing. To help you get the most out of this program, I recommend that you use The 7 Days of Support audios.

I’m here to guide you to better understand and control your own recovery. 

Begin by creating your personalised Healing Plan.

What are your desired feelings as you go through this program? Use the worksheet to reflect and clarify these, as well as to note any obstacles you may be facing, and the tools, resources, and action steps you will take along the way.

Download your Healing Plan by clicking the button below. You can either print out the PDF and complete by hand, or fill it out online.

Then, listen to the Daily Audios.

You will receive an email each day over the next week, or you can listen to all the audios at your own pace.

You have instant access to all the audios by clicking the button below. Listen to them at a pace that feels right to you, and revisit as often as you like.

Finally, explore these useful resources.

(NOTE: use the blue “quick links” to open each video, audio or pdf.  These will open in a new tab window on your screen so that you can focus on just one thing at a time.)

  1. See your welcome note below
  2. Watch this video: What is Neuroplasticity (7 minutes)
  3. Read the 3 different types of vertigo/dizzinessWhat type/s do you notice?
  4. Learn about Tinnitus Strategies and watch the tinnitus video
  5. Try the simple home exercises (scroll down, see videos below)

Try a standing body scan (in the video below) daily as a starting home practice.  This will get you ready to begin ROCK STEADY.  You can join the closed Facebook group to hear other people’s experiences and stories. 

    Watch these videos below and try what you choose.

    Standing With Eyes Open & Eyes Closed! with Joey Remenyi.

    Get Started Today!

    The Body Scan is a simple and powerful tool that helps us to explore our centre of gravity and fine tune our inner compass. The body uses its sense of touch (proprioception) to help it balance.

    Finding steadiness within your inner world — your body — is central to overcoming persistent sensations. The body scan helps us to cultivate this new neural map of inner steadiness.

    NOTE: Only do what feels safe and achievable. There is no benefit to pushing yourself to do something that you do not feel ready for. Go at the pace of your body. We are all different. 

    Head Turns! with Joey Remenyi.

    Head Movements and Our Ear Reflexes!

    Try this exercise when you feel ready. Stand in a corner to keep yourself safe and supported. You can also try this sitting down if you wish, there are no rules. You can choose how and when you want to build your own balance reflexes.

    If you have tried this before, practise using your beginner’s mind to try again with an open mind. Feel into your feet, legs, and body. Find your steadiness without judging yourself or your unwanted sensations – the body is looking to make sense of what it feels. 

    This sense-making process takes kindness. 

    Tinnitus: What To Do About It

    What is Neuroplasticity?

    Your Invitation to the ROCK STEADY Community.

    As a member of the 7-Day Support Program and Starter Kit, you will be receiving a $600 off coupon for ROCK STEADY via email. This coupon is good for the next 7 days. You can email support at any time if you are ready to use your coupon and cannot locate it.

    Keep believing in yourself—you are the expert in you, and what you feel.

    No one else can 'do' your neuroplasticity for you.

    I am here to support you and please reach out if you have any questions about your next steps.