Mindfulness for Schools

Wellbeing and Mindfulness Skills:


What is anxiety?


Where is it in our body?


What can we do about it?


  • Learn stress reduction strategies for in the classroom or at your desk
    -10 seconds of practice a day can make a difference
  • Learn about the mind-body-breath link AND how to use it for your own sense of calm
    -everyone can learn it
  • Learn the science behind mindfulness, meditation and yoga practices
    we can change our neural pathways


About Joanna Remenyi:


BA, MClinAud, MaudSA (CCP), ACT/CBT (cert), Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher


Joey has been described as a dynamic and gifted teacher. She gets people up and moving as well as teaching them how to be calm and still. People of all ages have participated in her mentoring. Joey has unique skills from psychology and clinical audiology, learning the neuroscience of our mind and senses; she has 15-years of yoga and mindfulness practice; and she has worked with thousands of people seeking self-development, recovering from sudden life-changes, or living with sensory impairments. Yoga and Mindfulness help us to take practical steps toward seeking balance.


Sessions will be customised for your workplace or school.

*Joey is no longer available for mindfulness in school sessions.


Student Feedback:


Grovedale Secondary College (Year 8)


”…this program encouraged me greatly… it was like I could travel into my own world, where I could truly be myself without being judged… we have all learnt so much… I am very disappointed that this awesome program is over… I won’t forget what I have learnt”.


“I learnt yoga skills that I can use at home; that it’s okay to be me; and how to calm down and relax


“I learnt some of the yoga poses helped me to improve my mood


“Learning new yoga poses makes me calm or more energised”


“I learnt meditation skills- so I’m able to calm myself down


“I learnt that hanging upside down (viparita danadasana) helps me with depression”


“I learnt how to breathe to relax myself


“I learnt a lot in this program- how to calm down in difficult situations; self-esteem; yoga appreciation and much more. We all really appreciate your time and will really miss you”.


“I learnt how to manage my feelings and I enjoyed the taste activities”


“I learnt how to relax myself; do yoga poses; and what to do when I’m mad




Surf Coast Secondary College (Year 7)


“Thank you for teaching me how to get calmer when I am angry and upset”


“Joey, thanks for teaching me how to stay calm”


“Thank you for teaching not just me but all of us how to calm down, how to count our breath, and the fun and hard stretches and… all the other things”


“Thanks for teaching me how to stay calm if I’m getting bullied because not all thoughts are true


“Thanks for teaching us yoga and meditation stuff”


You have helped me with my anxiety so much


“Thanks for teaching me about yoga and how to go into my own headspace


“Thanks for making our Monday mornings lovely!”


“Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher and teaching me things”


“I have been practising stretches in class. I just like slowing my breathing whilst I’m doing the twisting ones.”


“I enjoyed all of it and I learnt so much about staying calm and being able to not get as angry as fast






Belmont High School (Year 9)


“I’ve enjoyed every Monday with you. You have taught me new ways to express myself and try to push through tough situations. I loved how you taught us how to deal with our emotions because before that I wouldn’t of thought about it at all. I feel more interactive with others, and I’m more interested in yoga now thank you. You made me feel more welcome when some others don’t. Every time I enter the room with you I feel excited to come and to learn new things about what our brain is capable of and what colours we feel in our body, so I would like to thank you for teaching me to see things differently…”


“I have learnt how to calm down, before I had an uncontrollable temper… I enjoyed this course”


“This class has really helped me focus on life and put things into perspective. All of the things we’ve covered like doing yoga and tuning into my emotions have really made me feel more positive and happier with myself. I feel more interested in yoga and think I am going to keep doing that to relax and de-stress. Overall this has taught me so many tips and tricks that I am going to keep using in everyday life”


“I have learnt heaps over the last 8-weeks. I would like to learn more about how to calm down when you are angry at someone or something. And maybe a little more yoga because that was really fun… and relaxing”


“I have learnt a lot more about myself, that I can do/be anything I want if I try. A major change I’ve made because of this was my sleeping routine, I’m going to bed earlier and waking up at a reasonable time and because of that I’m functioning a lot better. Also this has made me think about my health a lot more by changing eating habits and being active… I’ve gotten off track… and I’ve gotten back on track. Thanks you for being an inspiring person and helping us to become better”




Oberon High School (Year 7 & 8)


“I appreciate you teaching us many helpful things such as yoga poses, calming minds, talk about our feelings etc. It helps me in so many ways… First of all, I am not a very cheery person even though sometimes I have a smile on my face and that is because I have so much going on in my family life especially friendship and I always overthink and I have been feeling low in this few weeks… but with the health technology teaching, I can get rid of these feeling for an hour or so… thank you for helping me to have healthy happy feelings”


“…I have learnt so much about how to lift myself up and how to watch my breath to calm me down…”


“I have enjoyed just about everything in Health Tech- learning yoga, meeting you and everybody else, learning all these wonderful things… thank you so much Joey”


“I enjoyed that we could do things together, everyone could work as a team. When doing yoga we could have fun with it; we could talk about our minds and our feelings; how everyone gets me; how you listen to everyone and to me.”


“I am really glad that I did this Health Tech program because it has taught me how to control my moods. I found that learning my breath ratio and colour helped me to understand more about myself. I liked the meditation because it gave my mind a rest which I haven’t had in a few weeks. Some nights I cannot sleep but that is when I do my body scans. I am a lot happier than I used to be, and I will miss doing these programs because they are fun and educational. One of my goals is to lose weight and this program has taught me to be fit, eat healthy and be happy which will make it easier for me to reach my goals and fulfil my dreams. I will miss you heaps.”


“I really enjoyed this program, I had a heap of fun. I wish it could on for longer because I feel like it really helped. When I was stressing out I would do some yoga and do the breathing ratio. If I was trying to relax or sleep I would do the body recognition (body scan) like thinking about what’s touching what. I feel like I really benefited from it and afterwards felt really refreshed and calm. It would be great if we could keep going for longer. I liked when we all shared our stories. I think you should definitely come back next term we would all enjoy it. I learnt a lot form the program and I’m so glad I was chosen to do it. I think I have become a more confident and happier person.”


“I have really enjoyed Health Tech because I learnt a lot about being calm when I’m sad or mad. I’ve also learnt to do yoga and to help calm my nerves and help stretch out my chest and body because they hurt a lot”


In this program I learnt many things such as: mindful eating; that yoga isn’t just a bunch of poses; the way my bones and my body work; that even though you might not be happy, it doesn’t hurt to smile; the difference between pain and discomfort; to be more grateful about things; to be happy with who I am; to be how I feel I could.


My favourite parts were: doing yoga; group discussion; resting exercises. I would like to have advance more with yoga poses.


After this program I feel a lot more comfortable with who I am. I am very happy that I agreed to take this program. Thank you for being an amazing help.”