Integrating Trauma

Use neuroplasticity skills to overcome physical or emotional trauma.

Use this short program at your own pace. I invite you to listen to all three recordings and our Q&A replay calls. If you wish, join our ROCK STEADY Facebook group to share your insights.

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Meet Sara, our private therapy companion for this short program.

Welcome and Integrating Trauma: an introduction.

Listen and reflect on how you can learn alongside Sara:

  • Introduction from Joey: Audio | transcript
  • Session 1: Audio | transcript
    • Planting the seed of clearing our inner world
    • A sense of fearlessness
    • Talking with our body and feeling into our body
  • Session 2: Audio | transcript
    • Expanding into more of who we are
    • Using our breath
    • Novelty and our senses
  • Session 3: Audio | transcript
    • Letting go of forgiveness
    • Our inner world is ours, we are in control
    • Moving anger in a nourishing way

Let’s create a safe space for the difficult feelings, thoughts, sensations and emotions that may arise after physical or emotional trauma. I invite you to:

:: Journal during or after each of Sara’s sessions. What can you relate to?

:: Ask your body for consent; talk with your body before you do things in daily life. How does your embodied ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ feel? When you feel ready, try using the body scan to gently access safe and simple sensations of pleasure in your daily life. Let your body teach you what it needs to feel safe. Take this exploration slowly.

:: Give yourself permission to redesign your inner world in your own way.

:: Notice areas of your body that seek your support. How can you hold this part of yourself with loving kindness?

Learning about our Nervous System

Listen to these calls on the Window of Tolerance and our blue, green and red zones.

Click here to download the below graphic.

Where are you heading towards?

  • I am ready and willing to feel through this
  • I don’t need to fix, analyse, or understand all sensations/feelings
  • Feeling the trauma pattern in my body, does not mean I need to revisit the memory
  • The dark uncomfortable places guide me toward my inner power and pleasure
  • Where there is resistance and fear, there is a space for me to get curious
  • I am learning to hold myself, support myself through tender moments
  • I trust my body to feel through these changes

Group Q&A Call Replays

July 28th, 2021: Audio | Transcript

  • Normalising trauma that sits in the body
  • How do we welcome back in pleasure and joy?
  • Trauma cycles, patterns and Community Q&A

May 17th, 2022: Audio | Transcript

  • Trauma exist also in a shared collective, intergenerational context
  • Cultivating new beliefs: to be ready and willing to feel through this
  • Consent and developing safety

April 14th, 2023, Our Brain and How to Regulate our Nervous System:
Audio | Transcript | Slides

  • Trauma patterns and habits
  • Neuroscience of trauma and tools for regulating our nervous system
  • Right brain and left brain processing

June 13th, 2024: Audio | Transcript

  • Slow down to the slowest part of yourself
  • Anchor into the centre of yourself, create a safe port
  • Explore your edges while staying centred in your physical body
  • Empty yourself of the stories that don’t belong to you
  • Discover your Sacred Belonging

For further support you may look for a Somatic Experiencing Therapist, or any health professional who you feel safey and trust with to explore body scanning. Sitting quietly with yourself is an age-old practice, you could look into a Vedic Meditation approach to releasing clutter and trauma patterns if you seek more on this.

Keep exploring your body scanning and trust yourself—you know you best.

The answers you seek, are inside of you. 


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Watch these two interviews with Dr. Holly Richmond:

Take some time to watch this interview. Reflect on how this conversation resonates with you.