Mindfulness for Professionals Course Structure


Professional Development and Training in Mindfulness  (approx. 26-hours)


Learn mindfulness in clinical practice using the case study of a patient with vertigo.  

Learn by doing.  

Be supported with supervision the entire way.

Feel the benefits beyond your professional life.


This page includes:

  1. The summary description of the course
  2. Bio, memberships and conference presentations for Joey Remenyi
  3. Research articles supporting the evidence based practice of mindfulness for professionals
  4. Feedback from the 2016 workshop on this topic


  1. The Summary Description of the Course

Mindfulness for professionals is a unique course that offers a combination of independent learning, practical guidance and 1:1 supervision as participants learn new skills to enrich their clinical and personal lives.

This is a 3 to 6-month Course

Choose your own pace: 

The quickest you can complete this material is within 3-months, with approximately weekly 1:1 sessions with Joey.  You schedule your sessions with an online calendar.

You may also opt for one session each 3-weeks which makes this a 6-month course.  

Same content, different pace.  You choose.


The goals/aims of this course include:

  • To introduce practical mindfulness skills and tools that can be used for managing ‘unwanted’ symptoms (eg. dizziness and tinnitus) and ‘uncomfortable’ feelings (eg. isolation, loneliness, anxiety, depression).
  • To offer support strategies and techniques that can be useful both with patients in clinic and for professionals in their own life.


The learning objectives of this course are:


  • To better understand the recovery process for managing unwanted feelings using common dizziness conditions as a case study
  • To better understand tinnitus from the patient perspective and to feel more confident in providing “neuro-education” for patients with tinnitus or unwanted sensations
  • To learn the basic uses and theory behind mindfulness practice
  • To learn about self-compassion, self-kindness and its importance in recovery of chronic conditions
  • To begin a personal mindfulness practice with support and trouble shooting
  • To review case-studies and your own clinical examples of putting these mindfulness skills to use while supported and guided
  • To feel and explore the benefits of mindfulness for yourself as you experience your own values based practice


At the end of the course participants will be able to:


  • Feel confident with the art of mindfulness!
  • Identify common vestibular conditions and better understand how to support a patient through their recovery process (or when to refer on to a specialist)
  • Create ongoing mindfulness practices in daily life
  • Understand the science of mindfulness and WHY it is a practice
  • Demonstrate and role model these skills to other people
  • Ask clients if they feel ready to try mindfulness skills
  • Demonstrate and role model self-compassion and self-kindness for patients


The Teaching Methods and Outline of Our Program:


  • 8 sessions of 1-hour with Joey 1:1 using a video call. This part of the course is essential for each participant to gain detailed experience of mindfulness skills directly applicable to their own life and their patient load.  These sessions can be recorded for future reference.
  • The 1:1 sessions include topics such as:
    • Mindfulness of thoughts, feelings, actions, values, breath, relationship to others and self
  • 12 week Online Program includes 26 audio recordings (>350-minutes) and 21 instructional videos for home use. Reflections of each module will be used in the 1:1 sessions.
  • Participants will receive one Module per two weeks.
  • These 6-Modules are thus delivered over 12-weeks (1-hour minimum of audio/video learning per Module).


The Modules


Module-1: This week we are focusing on finding steadiness and releasing any neck or shoulder tension as this is very common in patients with dizziness/tinnitus (they tense the jaw, shoulders and neck in response to symptoms).  This module also includes a Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) video demonstration and treatment kit.


Module-2: In this module we will look at the importance of understanding our recovery process to best strengthen our brain, body and subtle balance pathways.  The importance of our mind (thoughts) and actions is explored.  


Module-3: In this module we will explore how to get variety into our movements (sitting, standing, lying, walking, squatting) and how to stay supported during difficult days or feelings.  Recovery requires variety- this module encourages us to think outside the box.


Module-4: In this module we will learn about our ‘autonomic nervous system’ and why it is important to keep the body in REPAIR mode.  We learn how to recognise if we are stuck in a cycle of STRESS and what to do about it.


Module-5: In this module we will look at the difficult feelings, doubts and persistent thoughts that are challenging us as we move forwards.  We learn how to support ourselves and feel both confident and prepared within uncertainty.


Module-6: In this module we look at stepping into our inner wisdoms and values on a daily basis.  Learn to listen to your body and trust that it knows what to do and how to repair itself.  We explore our changing needs and look at thriving rather than surviving.


The 6-learning Modules each include:


*a 40-minute audio lesson on recovery, self-compassion and neuroplasticity

*module notes for each audio lesson

*videos specific for vertigo recovery (including BPPV treatments)

*audio recordings for uncomfortable sensations and feelings

*motivation tools & community building

*a wide variety of guided exercises and tools to use at home.


Evaluation of participants (those claiming CPD points):


  • Short written reflection for each of the 6-Modules in the Online Course
  • Oral review of knowledge of common dizziness conditions (especially for basic knowledge in treatment for BPPV that does not respond to mindfulness alone!)
  • During 1:1 sessions, participants will demonstrate live mindfulness skills and tools
  • Participants will reflect on their own experience in clinic and in their home mindfulness practice using a ‘self-efficacy’ rating out of 10 and identifying barriers to their practice
  • A certificate of completion/attendance will be provided following completion of each section in the course associate with each live 1:1 session (participants will be encouraged to write reflection on how they plan to use these skills ongoing)
  • It is the participants responsibility to accurately record their learning objectives, outcomes and to reflect on how these skills will be useful in their clinical work in order to claim their CPD points

NOTE: Further mentoring will be offered to participants who would like ongoing supervision in progressing their mindfulness skills.

Pre-requisites: Health professionals who are committed to around 1-hour per week of independent study and 15-minutes per day of mindfulness practice.

Who may be suitable? 

GP’s, psychologists, physiotherapists, audiologists or other health professionals interested in learning mindfulness skills specific for their own life and for their clinical lives.  This is not a generic course!


The current investment is $1799.00 if paid in full (payment plan options available).


  1. About Joanna (Joey) Remenyi: MClinAud, MaudSA (CCP), BA (Psych), ACT/CBT (cert), Registered Senior Yoga Teacher

Joey has over 7000-hours of training in mindfulness as well as being a vestibular audiologist specialising in supporting the recovery journey of clients with vertigo/tinnitus.


BA: Bachelor of Arts (3-years), at The University of Melbourne with a major in psychology (2005).


MClinAud: Master of Clinical Audiology (2-years) at The University of Melbourne (2008).  Thesis: The prognostic value of speech recognition scores in patients with vestibular schwannoma, published with Mr Rob Briggs (Oto-neurologist) in the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience.  


MaudSA (CCP): Intern graduate placement (1-year) at The Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital and The University of Melbourne Balance Disorders Unit (2009).


ACT/CBT (cert): Cognitive Behavioural Therapy certificate with CBT Australia (2012).  And ACT: Acceptance Commitment Therapy/Training (advanced) with Dr Russ Harris, Melbourne, Australia (2014-2016).


ACT Coaching “Acceptance Commitment Therapy/Training” for workplaces with Rachel Collis, (2015).


Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher: 3-years teacher training.  Including extensive study of traditional yoga techniques (mindfulness in posture, breath, meditation, philosophy, and further study in general anatomy/physiology).  Assessments with the BKSIYAA in Sydney, Australia (2010-12).


Further study : 10-weeks in India, Pune, at the Iyengar Yoga Institute with BKS Iyengar (when he was aged 94!).  Ongoing international study and practice in yoga and meditation.


Vestibular audiology field of practice at The University of Melbourne Balance Disorders Unit (2009-2015).  Joey has worked with 1000’s of patients experiencing dizziness, nausea, tinnitus or hearing loss.


Conferences and Further Presentations:


  • NOTSA- Neuo-Otology Society Australia- Conferences: Joey has presented on the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in patients with vertigo and tinnitus over a number of national NOTSA conferences (2013-2016).
  • British Society of Audiology Conference (2016): Topic “Mindfulness for vestibular patients”
  • Audiology Australia National Conference workshop (2016): Topic “Mindfulness for Vertigo and Tinnitus Patients”
  • PRESENTATION TO GENERAL PRACTICE DOCTORS – Topic of Vertigo for Murray City Country Coast (MCCC) GP Training (2016).


Memberships: Audiology Australia, ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) peer supervision for Geelong and The Surf Coast; AVESTA Vestibular Rehab Australia; Registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia.



3.Research articles on mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional resilience pdfs are found online at my webpage link:



  1. Feedback from 2016 Conference workshop: Mindfulness for Vertigo and Tinnitus


“I was very impressed with the (conference) workshop and want to include this support in my practice.” Andrew Philipatos, VIC


“I am really looking forward to the webinars, particularly after your terrific workshop in Melbourne.” Monica Summers, NSW


“There was a lot of personal interaction. Thanks… I would love to have your presentation and the vertigo resource kit.” Hans Satyan, NSW


“It was a great session” Marija Vuksanovic, VIC


“I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your workshop at the ASA conference, I think the universe might have sent you to me… (these skills) will be beneficial in clinic.”

Cate A, Principal Audiologist, WA


“This is fantastic Joey. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed your session and take advantage of the resources you have generously supplied.” Martha F, QLD


“I did enjoy your presentation at the Workshop, one of the best I attended.”

Jenny S, CEO QLD

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