If we start  with what neurotransmitters and hormones have in common, it’s that they are messengers. Neurotransmitters and hormones are both chemical messengers moving through the body. Hormones are made in our endocrine system and they travel from one area in the body to another via blood flow/bloodstream. They travel within the body and hormone messages can impact various systems. They can certainly impact our mood and how we’re feeling, as well as other biological processes.

Neurotransmitters, however, live in the nervous system and they are little particles that move from one neural synapse to another neural synapse, that’s where they’re released, that’s where they’re made. And so, neurotransmitters do not float around the body. They literally go from one nerve cell to the neighboring nerve cell, and they send very effective and fast messengers there through the nervous system in our body and brain. Neurotransmitters effectively help us communicate all the neural messages throughout the body.

So, hormones will be impacting neurotransmitters and neurotransmitters will effectively also be impacting hormones. These are both messenger systems in the human body.