Rock Steadying Conversations

Being ROCK STEADY in Daily Life

Listen in to a select group of participants and Joey as they chat about tender topics that are useful for the Rock Steady path.

Deepen your neuroplasticity skills and deepen your sense of belonging in our global community.

1. The Many Faces of Fear

Suppression and being stuck… using tools to push away sensations rather than expand these sensations into loving awareness.

On this call we explore the many faces of fear (anger, fatigue, stickiness, blame, envy, loneliness etc.), and how to meet them lovingly.

2. Ongoing Darkness

Grief, sadness, ongoing darkness, suicidal thoughts. Overwhelm. How can we graciously move through this and change the pattern?

During this call we discuss the possibility of transformation, and working with the tenderness, that rests behind ongoing darkness.

3. Fine-tuning Neuroplasticity Skills

Boundaries. Containers. Clarity. How to create a new normal in daily life? Fine tuning neuroplasticity skills.

We explore fine-tuning our neuroplasticity skills to become fluid, dynamic, and responsive to our truth, however it arises in each moment.

4. Emotional Safety and Trust

Firstly, finding this within ourselves and then expanding this capacity to feel safe in the wider world and to authentically trust others.

During this call we explore the importance of finding a sanctuary and refuge within ourselves. How can we self-advocate and create safer spaces for ourselves to rest? Inside this conversation, we question the very foundations of our beliefs and the paradigm of fear. What if I choose to believe that I am safe within my inner world, and it is effortless for me to rest here? Can I access the qualities of comfort within my inner world, and from here find safe places in the wider world around me?

5. Integration, Window of Tolerance, & Sexuality

What can our nervous system handle? Pleasure. Sexuality. Asking for what we want, need, desire. Why is this difficult? Allowing love to flow in our body authentically. Opening up to feeling more pleasure in our body—small, safe steps.

On this call we discuss our Window of Tolerance in detail and explore our full spectrum of wholeness: from our darkness, to our pleasure limits. Can we broaden our window and expand our capacity for safe sensory experience? Can we explore our blue zone and become increasingly open to more of life? How do we integrate our new normal and fully inhabit our aliveness?

6. Sacred Living & Daily Intention 

What am I learning through my body sensations? Spirituality and connection to higher Self, listening to something greater. Sacred living. Daily Intention. 

On our final call we contemplate what it looks like to live with purpose, to engage in sacred living and to cultivate intentional containers that support us when meeting our edges. As we grow, and enter the unknown of each present moment, we empty ourselves to receive, and we let go of rigidity and agenda. An open, empty space arises that can feel terrifyingly alive. How do we hold this emptiness of not-knowing-it-all with curiosity, kindness, bravery, and presence. Pregnant with possibility, we discuss informal daily rituals as a part of our Rock Steady way of life.

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