Rock Steady Conversations

A Small Group Call Series

Join a select group of participants and myself to chat about topics that are useful for our Rock Steady path.

Event dates and details below
All calls to take place in October 2022
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1. The Many Faces of Fear


Oct 4th, 7am (Melbourne Eastern Australian Time)

Suppression and being stuck… using tools to push away sensations rather than expand these sensations into loving awareness. Stuckness and the Many Faces of Fear.

2. Ongoing Darkness

Oct 5th, 7am (Melbourne Eastern Australian Time)

Grief, sadness, ongoing darkness, suicidal thoughts. Overwhelm. How can we graciously move through this and change the pattern?

3. Fine-tuning Neuroplasticity Skills

Oct 6th, 7am (Melbourne Eastern Australian Time)

Boundaries. Containers. Clarity. How to create a new normal in daily life? Fine tuning neuroplasticity skills.

4. Emotional Safety and Trust

October 18th, 7am (Melbourne Eastern Australian Time)

Firstly, finding this within ourselves and then expanding this capacity to feel safe in the wider world and to authentically trust others.

5. Integration, Window of Tolerance, & Sexuality

October 19th, 7am (Melbourne Eastern Australian Time)

Integration. “Window of tolerance”. What can our nervous system handle? Pleasure. Sexuality. Asking for what we want, need, desire. Why is this difficult? Allowing love to flow in our body authentically. Opening up to feeling more pleasure in our body—small, safe steps.

6. Sacred Living & Daily Intention 

October 20th, 7am (Melbourne Eastern Australian Time)

Rite of passage. Our human evolution. Growth. What am I learning through my body sensations? Spirituality and connection to higher Self, listening to something greater. Sacred living. Daily Intention. Prayer. How to live from our heart and feel connected to love in our choices (and in relationship with our Earth’s cycles).

How to Register

Call registration will be open to Rock Steady Program members only.

Registration is first come first serve. 6 seats are available per call.

Each call will be 90 minutes, a recording will be supplied only to the folks who have registered for each call, and the fee to join is $200 AUD per call.

Click the button below to contact Mandy and reserve your seat on the call of your choice. Please specify the date and call title you would like to reserve a spot for and she will hand you a link to complete your registration.