Rock Steady Scholarship Application

YOUR scholarship application for the ROCK STEADY program.

For those with a true financial need. We offer pay-what-you-can scholarship opportunities.

(not to be confused with pay-what-you-want)

Prior to applying for this scholarship, please read my book and complete the Free Starter Kit.

It’s Joey here. BEFORE I learn about you, I want you to know a little bit about me.

  • If you are in true financial need— I want to offer you this scholarship.
  • I do not receive any financial support from the government or private investors—this income supports my family.
  • I offer scholarships to people who cannot afford to purchase the program and are ready to heal within themselves (no longer seeking someone or something else to save them).

It is a pre-requisite that you have read my book and completed the Free Starter Kit before you apply.

If you are unsure if you qualify for a Scholarship, please email Mandy at [email protected] and she will help you to better understand who is suited to apply.

RS Scholarship

  • If your application is successful, or if we require additional information, we will contact you via this email.
  • How have the Rock Steady book and our Free Resources helped you so far?

  • Demonstration of Financial Need

    Please provide a full and detailed account of your financial situation below.
  • Giving Back

    I ask that every recipient of the ROCK STEADY scholarship give back in some way. I want this to be a two way exchange so that you feel invested in your healing process.
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