Welcome to the Gentle Relief Starter Kit

You’ll learn how the brain changes using neuroplasticity, and why it’s
important to gain these skills and tools to use in your everyday life.


I’m Joey Remenyi and I can teach you how to consciously use neuroplasticity to repair persistent dizziness, disequilibrium, tinnitus, or any other persistent, unwanted sensation. To help you get the most out of your Starter Kit, I recommend you grab your favourite journal and a pen, and take some time to watch this masterclass and try your body scan.

This Starter Kit includes:

  1. The 1-hour Masterclass.
  2. A Body Scan.
  3. A Downloadable PDF with a full transcript of the masterclass. (If reading is your preferred learning method, this downloadable version of the masterclass will be useful for you.)
  4. An invitation to our Closed Facebook Group.

Scroll down the page to access all of your goodies.

Watch the Masterclass:

Your journey to taking charge of your own recovery begins here.

Try a Body Scan 

The Body Scan is a simple and powerful tool that helps us to explore our centre of gravity and fine tune our inner compass. The body uses its sense of touch (proprioception) to help it balance.

Finding steadiness within your inner world — your body — is central to overcoming persistent sensations. The body scan helps us to cultivate this new neural map of inner steadiness.

NOTE: You are the expert in you. Pause, slow down, take it gently and give yourself a break if you ever feel flooded with sensations. Return to your felt sense of steadiness each step of the way.

We are all beautifully different. Joining my community gives you an opportunity to explore your difference and better get to know yourself.  

Download the PDF 

For those of you who prefer to print and read transcripts, please download a digital (PDF) copy of this Gentle Relief Starter Kit. 

This pdf contains the complete masterclass transcript, so you can watch the video and read along to enhance your learning and let the material sink in deeper, if you wish.  

Join the Closed Facebook Group

Join our welcoming Facebook Group to hear other people’s experiences and stories, share your own, and connect with others in a warm, affirmative, global community.

Are you ready to begin creating your personalised healing map?

You are invited to explore the
7-Day Support Program.

There are short daily audios (4-7 minutes long) and gentle suggestions to begin building your healing map.

You’ll learn how to deepen your body scan, notice what you’re feeling, focus on your desired feelings, and gently bridge the gap between the two. You’ll be supported through the reality of tricky sensations as you navigate your way toward healing.

I’ve emailed you a 50% off coupon to purchase the 7-Day Support Program. Please contact support if you need help locating your coupon.

See you in the Facebook group. I look forward to supporting your neuroplasticity discovery. 



After you’ve completed the 7-Day Support Kit, you’ll be invited to book a free 15-minute call with Joey if you’d like to talk about joining the full ROCK STEADY program.

Feel free to explore our case studies and read about the ROCK STEADY data where we are collecting client outcomes.