Working with Neural Changes

The Cool Calm Professional

Use a combination of independent eLearning and 1:1 supervision to refine your understanding of how to create neural traits, work with persistent or chronic symptoms and build your confidence with clients.  This is a 3 to 6-month package for you to transform the way you do clinic.

“When Joey worked with me, within two minutes I could feel the stress lifting off,…from my eyes, from my forehead, from my shoulders, from my neck. She has a wonderful manner and skill set, and can get to work immediately.

I can highly recommend Joey’s mindfulness practice and stress management techniques.”

Dr Shani Dettman

 The University of Melbourne, Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology


Watch this wonderful TED talk by Dr Catherine Kerr about the benefits of mindfulness for not only people with anxiety, depression or unwanted symptoms… BUT mindfulness is also beneficial for Health Professionals who are looking for “work-life” balance in their clinical life.

“The 12-week program for clients is absolutely great value. The course structure makes so much sense.”

Arimbi Winoto, Senior Vestibular Physiotherapist

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