Conferences and Webinars

Listen to these presentations I gave at recent vestibular conferences:

  • British Society Audiology (BSA) Conference, 2016: Mindfulness for Vertigo/Tinnitus 

Listen now (22 minutes)

  • Neuro-Otology Society Australia (NOTSA) Conference, 2016: Mindfulness for Vertigo/Tinnitus 

Listen now (16 minutes)

Mindfulness for Vertigo and Tinnitus:  Part 1 (transcript)

With eLearning you can become independent throughout your recovery process (but not alone).

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Warmest, Joey

The Science Behind Mindfulness: Part 2 (transcript)

Learn to support your body so that you can heal on multiple levels.

Enjoy Part 2 of the webinar!


What is the integrative medicine approach to vertigo and tinnitus?

Integrative medicine is a patient-centred approach to health, where patient and practitioner are equal partners in the process of healing.  

This approach differs from conventional treatments in that a personalised strategy for healing is developed, taking into account mind, body, spirit and community.  It draws upon an array of evidence-based scientific disciplines and encourages using the best medical investigation pathways at hand.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  

Integrative medicine is firmly grounded in this definition.  I developed a holistic neuroplasticity therapy approach because I saw that there were thousands of people struggling with these chronic symptoms.  With ROCK STEADY, holistic support is accessible for more people to learn how to heal (and to do it at home).