“I want you to rediscover your potential.  The world needs you.  Let’s rewire your balance nature’s way- because you can.”
Joey Remenyi

Vestibular Audiologist & Mindfulness Educator, Seeking Balance Australia

What People Say about Seeking Balance Australia

“Joey has truly unique training in both mindfulness and vestibular conditions that goes far beyond theory”. Dr Chris Walsh, MBBS, DPM, FAChAM, Psychiatrist

I cannot recommend Joey highly or vigorously enough. I suffered from positional vertigo for a year 2011-2012 and my GP didn’t know what to do. Pills didn’t work and had hideous side effects. I met joey and found out about what she does. In 2014, I got recurrent BPPV again and again, and each time Joey sorted it out speedily and completely. No drugs and no pain.

Joey is one of those remarkable people who work in the medical field who is a problem solver, a scientist and one of the most empathic and compassionate people I have ever met. She wants you to get well. It makes her happy. I am stunned that the treatment Joey offers is not more readily available and promoted. Her passion and enthusiasm is incredible. Dizziness sucks. Joey understands. She makes you well and gives you your life back.” Catherine Deveny, Author, Teacher, Pioneer (Melbourne).

FOR REMOTE PHONE SUPPORT: “I had an attack of vertigo last year which was not responding to exercises the GP gave me. Joey took me through a modified treatment over the phone and I was completely back to normal in minutes. It was a simple solution and a great relief.” Ramona Koval, ABC Radio National, (Vic)

“I was diagnosed with Mal De barquement disorder and the ENT surgeon referred me to Seeking Balance.  Joey made me feel better and more steady within the first session.  She taught me to use my balance system differently. Thank you so much” (age 29, Geelong).

“I listened to Module 2 this evening and just wanted to say “thank you”! It was just what I needed to hear.
I needed to be reminded how powerful the mind/body connection is.  I also appreciated the positive recovery stories that you shared.” Renita F (QLD)

“I was at a loss with regards to what I could do for my vertigo.  The doctors solution was to prescribe medication which I did not want to do long-term and the medication did not treat my problem.  My Bowen Therapist recommended Joey to me so I made an appointment and that was the best thing I did.  I went from panic, fear and constant nausea/dizziness on a daily basis to being able to function again.  My vertigo is now under control and most days I don’t even think about it.  If I do happen to have an off day, I just put in place the things Joey taught me and soon enough go back to being me again.


The on-line program was easy to use and being able to do at my own pace in my own home was beneficial.  The exercises were easy to do daily…  The information that Joey provides is informative, easy to understand and just makes sense.  The 1:1 sessions were beneficial at the start as Joey’s support was a great help during the early days of my diagnosis.


I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone experiencing vertigo to see Joey.”  Greta W. (VIC)

“Joey is practitioner who gets results” Pia Doss, Audiologist, Sydney