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We know that dizziness can feel endless and exhausting.  It doesn’t need to be.  

BEAUTIFUL BALANCE is a 4-month package for you to commit to a journey of seeking balance with total support.  You will receive fortnightly 1:1 Video Sessions with Joey + email support so that you feel confident as you implement new skills and rewire your brain.  Making internal changes takes time, persistence, support and desire.  Let’s do this together.

Your Support Team: Beautiful Balance

1:1 Support + Skills for Life.

You may feel that you have tried everything… Welcome to this 4-month customised program that offers you the opportunity to realise “the do’s and don’ts” of your recovery.  You are unique and your body will teach you how to go within and find your own answers.  Joey will support you with 1-hour video sessions each two-weeks so that you can master new tools, reinvigorate your heart-felt values, tone your muscles, fine-tune your balance organs, seek inner wisdom and rewire your experience of balance.  

You can expect improved confidence and lifelong skills so that you can thrive.  You don’t need to do this alone.  Welcome to Beautiful Balance.

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SPONSORSHIP BANK- for those in need

Worried about how many sessions to purchase?

You can choose to donate any remaining 1:1 sessions that you do not need to a member of the Seeking Balance Online Program Community who is in financial need.  This means you can fully commit to your recovery and know that your Beautiful Balance sessions go to a good cause if you reach your goal earlier than expected.  Win, win.

If you want someone else to experience the benefits of 1:1 support, you can donate and give them the opportunity.

You reach your goals.  You feel good and you pay it forwards.  

We are a community.  We create balance.

Choose Beautiful Balance.  Enjoy the ride.  You may choose to pay it forwards once you reach your goals.  GO you!

Implement new strategies to overcome dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus and balance symptoms