Choose the type of private therapy that suits you:

Book an Initial Consult or Single Session with me if you are seeking to get a professional guidance regarding your healing.


Beautiful Balance offers you the highest level of support for your healing.  During this 6-month program you work in close partnership with me so that you can learn fast and stay on track for recovery and healing.

Professional Mentoring: 12-months

Start Professional Mentoring with me if you are a professional seeking to expand your offerings. If you like what I do and want to learn how I do it, let me teach you the ropes.

Personal Retreat: 2 or 3-days

Book a Personal Retreat with me if you are time-poor and prefer face-to-face contact. I will support you with neuroplasticity skills and tools that bring you closer to your desires while we work and play together for a few days on the Australian Surf Coast.