• Initial consultation, AU$1,000 per 90 minutes (approx. USD $647 // EUR €596// £509).
    This is for anyone wanting to pick Joey’s brain about their healing process, to ask questions and receive guidance before starting the ROCK STEADY Program.

  • Deep Listening Session, AU$300 per 90 minutes (approx. USD $194 // EUR €179 // £153).
    This session is an opportunity to sit together in deep presence to honour the wisdom arising in your body, to listen and attune to your wholeness.
    This session will be a dance between you and Joey, all questions, reflections, insights are welcome.
    Deep Listening Sessions are only available for ROCK STEADY members.

Each private session is a 90 minute Zoom Video call.  Summary notes will be provided via email after your session.  You are welcome to record your session on your computer if you choose.
Joey has very limited availability: she offers three sessions per month on either Monday at 3pm, Wednesday at 10am, or Friday at 7am (Melbourne time).

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we endeavour to make times work for those interested in a private session with Joey.

Please read the Client Policy to learn about our agreements and how we can work best together.
Read my FAQ to learn more.