The ROCK STEADY 12 week self-study program for vertigo and tinnitus is $549 (or $777 if paid in months instalments).  This self-study program does not include email support or private therapy with me (you will receive technical assistance to ensure you get the most out of your program).

The Beautiful Balance 6 month private therapy program is $2,400 (by application only).  This includes the full ROCK STEADY 12 week program, personal email support and 8 private therapy/coaching session with me.

 Review single sessions are $400/hour if available.  I recommend an initial 8 session minimum and then packages of at least 3 sessions for review (read my FAQ to learn more).

Each therapy/coaching session is approx. 60 minute via Zoom Video calls.  Your session notes will be provided.  I recommend that you record your session on your computer so that you can review it.

Please read the Client Policy to learn about our agreements and how we can work best together.


An Australian Medicare rebate may be available with an Allied Health referral from your GP.  

Print this link to discuss this referral further with your doctor.

Check with your health fund whether it provides a rebate for audiology management AND advocate for it because you deserve it!


Please note: Australian GST will be added for those whose billing country is Australia.