These FREE resources attempt to answer the MOST COMMON questions people ask me about healing for vertigo or tinnitus.  

I have interviewed many medical experts about their perspective on recovery and you can listen to these audios below.

Your body and brain can change itself with neuroplasticity.  It is possible to heal.

If you have chronic symptoms you will need to learn how to stimulate new neural pathways and repair your body with a daily practice. Nobody else can do neuroplasticity for you. You have to learn how to do it.

Ask yourself if you feel ready to start self-study for your own healing.  

Listen to the case studies and learn how it was for others.

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Enjoy the FREE body scan.  I hope that you are inspired and begin to heal yourself with neuroplasticity.

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Do you have chronic dizziness?  

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Do you have tinnitus (sounds in your ears or head)?

Listen to this video where I explain some of the tinnitus myths.  You can reset your perception of tinnitus sounds.  I have seen many clients with severe tinnitus return to normal after neuroplasticity therapy.  Reach out if you need support with this process.

Join my YouTube channel for more short videos on the topic of neuroplasticity for persistent vertigo and tinnitus.

Read about more Tinnitus Strategies.

Listen here to Dr Tim Blake talk about the medical emergency doctor’s perspective (9 minutes, transcript). Tim discusses the main priorities and limitations when investigating dizziness.

Learn more about recovery with The FREE Starter Kit:

Get started with the free 1-hour Master Class for Vertigo and Tinnitus + BODY SCAN audio.  This will guide to understand how to heal and how to begin a daily practice. 

Watch this video to learn about the neuroscience of stress and neuroplasticity.

Watch this video by Joe Dispenza to see a wonderful visual demonstration of neuroplasticity in real-time.  Learn about how powerful our mind is, and why body scanning is essential for healing our relationship to the world within and around us.  

The ROCK STEADY process teaches you how to implement these skills in daily life so that you can weaken your symptom pathways and neural networks.

Talking with Performance Psychologist, Rich Bennett.

Rich and I discuss the uses and benefits of mindfulness skills in reaching our full potential.  A topic close to my heart.

Rich is an author and performance psychologist who has worked with elite athletes world wide.  In this interview we discuss the similarities between being an elite performer and someone living with a chronic condition; both are working through discomforts and using a mindfulness (or heart-full-ness) tool-kit to be the person they want to be within the physical challenges.

Listen to Rich (25 minutes, transcript)… FYI it comes to an abrupt end as the recording stopped a fraction early 😉

Dr Claire Iseli:  The Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) specialist perspective on recovery of vertigo/dizziness.

Listen to Claire discuss the process of recovery for many types of dizziness, in particular Meniere’s and Vestibular schwannomas (inner ear tumours).  She debunks myths and encourages us all to take an active approach to our own UNIQUE recovery.  Visit Claire online here: www.nment.com.au

Listen to Claire (16 minutes, transcript)

Enjoy this interview with Arimbi Winoto, senior vestibular physiotherapist, talking about patients living with ‘bilateral vestibular conditions’- learn about what happens when both ears are affected.

Listen in to Arimbi (13 minutes, transcript).

Meet Dr Kate Murray, PhD in vestibular rehabilitation! Kate has been doing wonderful work in the field of vertigo for many, many years. Hear her talk about recovery from vestibular injury from her expert physiotherapy perspective.

Listen in to Kate (20 minutes, transcript).

Listen in to hear leading researcher, neuro-otologist, and vertigo specialist Dr David Szmulewicz discuss the importance of our brain in recovering our balance. He speaks about why some of us benefit from MRI scans to take a closer look at our ‘balance-brain’.

Listen in to David (20 minutes, transcript).

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