The simple answer is, yes, it could. It could affect balance in that, as human beings, part of our environmental awareness and our spatial awareness is taking into account what we’re hearing. So, we can feel a little bit unusual or imbalanced. For example, in different soundscapes, if tinnitus is really loud and really distracting, or in one ear only, it could definitely make us feel a bit wonky & unbalanced because that sound awareness that we’re capturing is creating almost like a magic eye effect where we feel like we’re on a roller-coaster ride. When really, it’s an illusion of the sounds we’re hearing.

So, what to do about it? First of all, do not worry. Second of all, understand that tinnitus is reversible with neuroplasticity and my ROCK STEADY program is a comprehensive guide to help anyone who wants to reverse tinnitus and return to normal, to regain that sense of inner balance, both with the sounds in their ears and with their relationship to the environment around them.