Can removing wax cause a flare up in tinnitus? Yes, and I do answer this question in my book called Rock Steady as well.

Having wax in the ears can change the sound dynamic going on in the ear. Just the wax itself can cause tinnitus sounds. Then, once we remove the wax, again and we change the acoustic environment of the ear, which can cause a flare up in how sounds are perceived in either ear. Removing the wax itself can cause a little bit of trauma to the ear canal or eardrum, depending on the methods used, which can influence tinnitus sounds as well.

Generally speaking, these increased sensations will pass and heal really quickly, just like any scrape, scratch or bruise would on the body. But, of course, because there is mechanical noise produced really close to the ear, it can have that sound perceived and that tinnitus sound created.

So, it’s nothing to worry about. If you have ongoing worries about tinnitus and you want to learn how to heal and change those sounds that are made from the ear using neuroplasticity, which means you’re changing how the brain perceives the sound, follow the Rock Steady process.