Question from a member of our community:

Hi, Joey, I’d love to know your opinion on diets, such as the Medical Medium’s, that claim to have healing effects on your body.


My response to this is you know your body better than anybody so I would be very hesitant to take any recommendations from anybody other than your body.

Deeply listen to your body’s intuitive call when it comes to food, maybe slow down and see if you can get an instinctive feel for what your body is wanting. What I would listen to, however, is general nourishment advice. I think it’s really helpful to try and eat a broad range of fresh fruit and vegetables of all different colors and textures. And I just like the idea of variety in general. So if you look for advice on nourishing your body and nourishing you as a whole person, I think that’s possibly got some weight to it and some value. And sure, research nourishing recipes. And notice I’m not saying healthy, because I think healthy is a very loaded word. It’s about nourishment, what nutrients and what nutritional value are you really putting into your body because your body does need nourishment.

So yeah, think about how you’re nourishing your body. And if you’ve got questions about nourishing the whole person, it’s got nothing to do with your tinnitus or vertigo or any diagnosis for that matter. It’s really about nourishing you and then intuitively listening to your body.