This is one of those questions which is akin to how long is a piece of string. I would say the earlier you get onto using Rock Steady style principles for healing and listening to your body and honoring where your body is at, the better. The symptoms your body is giving you is your body’s way of talking to you.

The sooner you move into that responsive, healing, neuroplasticity-based approach to life, the quicker things will resolve. That’s what I’m seeing. People who ignore their symptoms and develop hatred and fear and blame and rejection towards what they’re sensing and feeling in their body, their symptoms tend to get stuck and last longer, so there’s a longer recovery time if they recover at all.

So, if you’re feeling worried about your dizziness following a COVID vaccine and it’s just going on too long and it’s starting to become a bigger deal for you, early intervention is recommended.

Try the Rock Steady program and implement daily strategies that can reverse that panic and that catastrophe cycle, so that you can build a new normal. You can harness neuroplasticity, and you can really craft the kind of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual structures that you want to build on, using neuroplasticity. Whatever we want to feel, we build by feeling it more often, and that comes back to having a really clear intention and a clear strategy for how you’re going to resolve your dizziness.