Tinnitus sounds and body sounds could change, and are in fact likely to change, with concussion or any kind of head injury, as well as throughout the healing process. As the body, the brain, the skull, and the structures within are healing (we could think of it as like a really large bruise to the brain), we can expect the occurrence or or changing of tinnitus sounds.

Even as we do heal the concussion, there may be some ongoing tinnitus sounds as the body is reestablishing its own equilibrium and balance.

If you have ongoing tinnitus that bothers you and concerns you following concussion, you can always follow the Rock Steady program and the Rock Steady path of healing with neuroplasticity. There’s no reason for the tinnitus to continue ongoing after the concussion has been resolved, follow the Rock Steady process to resolve and heal that tinnitus if it’s problematic for you.