I have never been asked this question before, and my instinct is to say that the sounds that our bodies makes are related to the overall health of the body. This could go in all directions, including when we’re at a healthy body weight, when we’re very, very thin or anorexic and at a very low body weight, or at an increased body weight moving toward the obesity spectrum.

The sounds that our bodies make are mechanically influenced by the health and state of our body, so I wouldn’t make any big judgments around the sounds you’re experiencing and how that relates to your body size. The questions I’d be more inclined to ask would be:

  • How can I support my body?
  • Is my body asking me for some kind of wellbeing or health or lifestyle choice, some kind of alteration to improve my overall health?

Those kind of questions certainly can be helpful to reduce the tinnitus, if not completely heal it all together.

I recommend that you follow the Rock Steady process, and engage with the Rock Steady program to learn about healing tinnitus regardless of your body weight, with a focus on how you relate to the tinnitus and how you can resolve the tinnitus with neuroplasticity.