Personal One-on-One Retreats

By application only. Only a handful of retreats are available each year.


This is your opportunity to work face-to-face with Joey in your own customised retreat.  

This will be an intensive and supportive two or three day retreat for you to explore the various skills, tools and techniques within The ROCK STEADY Toolkit so that you can go deeper.  You will be able to relax, identify your deepest needs, develop a clear plan for crafting your desired feelings and begin implementing this into your daily life ongoing.

The retreat space will be decided by you and Joey.  The retreat venue will have both indoor and outdoor spaces for exploring your balance and your relationship to yourself.  You will have time to enjoy the surrounding nature and consolidate what you are learning between your session work.  

Together with Joey, you will have 2- or 3-hour sessions, morning and afternoon, each day.  We will work on the foundations of self-kindness and creating spaciousness within your inner and outer life.  You will have your own luxury accommodation with meals available to meet your needs.  You will share lunch with Joey and eat breakfast/dinner in your own time.  Joey will be nearby to assist/support/guide you throughout your retreat time.  You will have a combination of time to yourself and time with Joey.

The purpose of the retreat is for you to spend well deserved time on yourself and with yourself.  Joey will provide a safe space for you to explore your changing needs, your values, your motivations, your desires and your connection to what matters most in life.  

This retreat will be the equivalent of 12-sessions with Joey condensed into two or three days.  

Prior to your retreat you will have a video call with Joey to establish your goals and to begin preparing for your retreat.  Your mindset will benefit from entering into retreat from the moment you decide to make this booking.  Following your retreat you will also have the opportunity for ongoing support with Joey as you integrate your retreat into daily life.


VENUE:  To be decided together with Joey after your successful application.  You may choose a location close to your home.  We recommend that you speak with a travel expert who can assist you to create your ideal retreat.

COST: $3,500 per day (AUD) + accommodation and flights.  

Please read our Retreat Policy

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What People Say:

“This is a pretty special thing Joey has created; this is a sacred space” Peter Roberts

“Joey is a special soul walking our earth. Bask in her glow for a couple of hours and you will feel more open, generous, happy, blissful and compassionate as a result.” Justine Martini

“If you haven’t yet attended one of Joey’s mindfulness retreats do yourself a favor, your mind & body will thank you! It is simply amazing just how much you will get out of an afternoon spent with this beautiful teacher. Joey caters for all levels in a supportive nurturing space, I can’t wait to go back! Thanks Joey”

“This session was JUST what I needed.  I am a total beginner… this was full of little wisdoms, easy to follow.  Thank you so much Joey”