I am hearing a lot about people that are noticing new sounds in their ears, head, or body after the COVID-19 vaccine. Anytime our body is busy biologically, like when it’s busy building an immune response and navigating what the vaccine looks like and feels like, there’s this biological conversation happening in the body that absolutely can result in new sounds being created by the body and heard by the ears. It won’t happen for everybody, but it makes sense, and it’s certainly a normal scenario and nothing that I would suggest anybody needs to worry about.

If you are worried about your tinnitus, you can join my ROCK STEADY community. I’ve written a book called ROCK STEADY as well. I have a ROCK STEADY program and I have comprehensive guidance on how you can reverse tinnitus, rebuild new normal pathways that feel solid, steady, and peaceful for you. You can recreate inner calm. And the way to really move forward with tinnitus is to take that physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual approach so that you’re really looking at all of you as a person and how to resolve the unwanted neural messages that are moving from A to B, that are making a sound that’s upsetting you.

That will be a comprehensive process for you to look into and say, “Okay, what is my body saying to me? How can I respond to this? Is there an emotional piece at play? Are there mental thoughts, persistent doubts, worries that I need to address? Are there physical needs my body is screaming out for?” which can be as simple as improving sleep hygiene. And then, spiritually, it’s like, “Well, do I even believe in my body to heal? Am I trying to look outside of myself for a magic pill device or expert to fix me?” The ROCK STEADY process helps you become the expert in your own healing. It helps you resolve your tinnitus, looking at that picture of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual aspects of how your body is wired and perhaps the new normal you want to build moving forwards, so that you can get your life back and live normally and at peace.