Yes, it’s absolutely possible. The vaccine is triggering an immune response, and for some people, when their body is very active and fighting an infection or their immune system is busy, that could result in some feelings of dizziness and vertigo. Generally speaking, this vertigo would be transient, temporary, and would resolve in its own time — typically within a day or two. Certainly, within six weeks, we would expect any vertigo condition as a result of vaccine to settle down and return to normal.

If you have chronic vertigo or dizziness after the COVID-19 vaccine, it could be that a more serious diagnosis has been prompted or stimulated. And often, there’s a genetic component, which means it was sitting there in your DNA anyway. It might have been ready to express itself with or without the intervention of a vaccine. So then, after the COVID-19 vaccine, the immune systems had a little bit of a nudge and perhaps a bigger vestibular issue arises. Likely, even without the COVID-19 vaccine, that vestibular diagnosis would have come about anyway, in time.

Not to worry though, we can reverse vertigo. Vestibular conditions are all treatable. The ROCK STEADY program has comprehensive guidance on how to return to normal and build new normal neural pathways that allow you to return to balance and steadiness. So, the ROCK STEADY program is where I would go for peer support and comprehensive guidance if you find yourself with chronic vertigo or a vestibular concern after the COVID-19 vaccine.