For those of you who have had the COVID vaccine and you’re worried that you’ve experiencing vertigo or dizziness following that vaccine, first of all, I just want to say, take a deep breath and relax, it’s okay. These things can happen, do happen, and we are seeing it in the vestibular community. And also, for people who may have never had dizziness before and vertigo is a brand new experience for them, the COVID vaccine could be something that triggers that. We don’t really know how strong the relationship is because some people get no vertigo and no dizziness, and others get some temporary vertigo or dizziness, and other people get quite a severe experience of vertigo and dizziness after their vaccine. There’s a variety of experiences. And I think that really goes to show how each person is so different and the way we process the world around us and what we’re taking in, not just food and hydration drinks, conversations, all of these things, but that medications, including vaccinations, each person’s body will process that input differently.

The take home message is the COVID vaccine is designed to save lives and it’s great that people are choosing to support the community and be vaccinated and be part of that process of herd immunity. Ask yourself, “Why was I vaccinated? Is that in alignment with my values and is a part of me that can surrender and feel good about the fact I’ve gone ahead and got that vaccination?” And I think it’s important to connect to that because that can also help us through some of the side effects and feelings that we may have, including vertigo or dizziness. What I want you to know is that vertigo and dizziness symptoms are reversible, your dizziness and vertigo will not be forever. If there’s anything about the human body, it’s this idea of constant change. It’s not static. So using what I call the Rock Steady process, you can actually use neuroplasticity to change the way your ears, eyes, brain, and body are communicating neural messages and return back to steady state, return back to your center, your calm and your peace.

In summary, yes, the COVID vaccine may have triggered some vertigo and dizziness for some people, but they’re unlikely going to be stuck like that forever. They can teach their brain to go back to their steady state and override dizzy neural maps. The Rock Steady book is a great place to start. If you’re interested to learn how you can do that yourself and how you can implement neuroplasticity consciously, there’s also a Rock Steady online program for people who want more comprehensive support tools and live monthly group calls and community.

Have hope, understand that your body and brain always want to come back to equilibrium and center. And I think you’ve chosen to get the COVID vaccine for a reason. Celebrate those reasons and intentions as to why you’re vaccinated to help with the community, or to support your own immunity. The dizziness and vertigo is something you can directly reverse and address. It’s not something that you need to worry about ongoing. I think that’s the real take home message. The likelihood is you will return to normal and worrying about it can actually delay the capacity for the body to heal, because worry and anxiety prevent that neuroplasticity process. Take a read of my book Rock Steady, visit to learn more about how to get rid of vertigo and tinnitus at home.