Visual Snow Syndrome is referring to dots or speckles in your field of vision. They can be white, or black or they can be a transparent kind of snow, so I guess it’s well named. These are speckly dots moving in the visual field. It’s a neurological condition, which means the neural pathways and the neural messages around the brain regions for interpreting visual messages have received error signals, and we don’t know why it’s there. We don’t necessarily have all the medical understanding of this condition, but it’s very common in my clients with vertigo, and especially with those with vestibular migraine symptoms.

I myself have had plenty of the strange spotting in my visual field. It tends to come and go, and of course, it’s worse when I’m stressed and when I’m tired.

If this is something that you feel like you want to reverse and you want to heal with neuroplasticity, follow the Rock Steady process and path to learn how to resolve any nervous system issues and help the brain and the body to reestablish a new normal. You can grow and utilize really healthy neural pathways, moving around the brain, around the eyes, around the ears and the spinal column, because visual blur and visual snow can be a part of vertigo error pathways. So, while no one can predict your future, I think it’s really worth employing neuroplasticity skills to improve whatever visual residual function you have. If you have normal eye function and you have a healthy brain, there’s no reason not to try to completely resolve that visual snow syndrome using the healthy pathways that already exist.