Some tinnitus sounds are anatomical — they’re coming from movement within our musculoskeletal system, around our chest, shoulders, neck, jaw, teeth, and the temporal mandibular joint. And of course, within the ears themselves, we have small bones, muscles, and tendons. So, there is changing blood flow, contractions and relaxation of muscles and movements, and all of that can change the sound and mechanical sounds that are produced within the body and then perceived by the brain.

It’s very normal and it’s very common to have changing body sounds that can come and go in various positions. My recommendation would be to not worry about it. For sure, you can bring loving awareness, curiosity, and play to how your body sounds might be changing with different head positions or neck positions or jaw positions. But I certainly wouldn’t be overly worried about it, shaming it, becoming obsessively vigilant about it, etc. It is a phenomena, it does happen, and you don’t need to find meaning in it.

If you do notice any particular stressful areas that you feel you want professional support relieving stress throughout your head, neck, or shoulders, then that could be a pleasant experience for you, but it could also change the tinnitus sounds if it’s a part of your body that’s overworking and therefore creating more mechanical sound as a result of that excessive workload. The Rock Steady path and approach can be beneficial in meeting these sensations with a healing mindset, using neuroplasticity healing tools.