Your Workbook Companion!


Gather a group of like-minded peers and create your own ROCK STEADY book club!

Meet each month (or so) to go through the following process for each chapter.

First, choose any body scan to do together. You may use one from the book or use this audio if you choose. After you finish your body scan, take time to answer the questions below. Listen to each other’s answers without offering advice or comments. Listen to each other with confidentiality, kindness, and encouragement. You may find that you gain many insights by listening to your peers’ reflections. Wait until everyone has answered each question before you move on to the next.

  1. What major insight did you have while reading this chapter?
  2. How do you feel in your body, here and now?
  3. How can you support yourself, here and now, to give this feeling loving kindness and nonjudgment?
  4. What sensation do you desire to feel in your body?
  5. What can you do this month to help you cultivate this sensation in your body and to focus upon it daily so it can grow neural networks?

If time management becomes an issue (and it often does!), you can set a timer to make sure each book club member has the same amount of time to share. During the ROCK STEADY process, you are learning to become a nonjudgmental witness to your inner world, and I encourage you to use this book club to practice also being a nonjudgmental witness to each other. For example, you may allow two minutes per person, per question, allowing each person a total of ten minutes to share. This invites us to be succinct and considered with the thoughts that we choose to share—such a neuroplasticity skill! I suggest allowing around thirty minutes for your body scan exercise and some buffer time between speakers. Therefore, if you have six people in your book club, this would result in approximately a ninety-minute meeting.