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Chapter 10

Welcome to Chapter 10!

Explore these bonus home exercise ideas and resources below.

:: Writing the New Story

Write an ideal scenario of what you feel in your new normal. Dream big. Don’t hold back. It all starts with an idea and intention. You can figure out how to cultivate these feelings later. For now, simply write your new story: How does it feel to be “normal”? What thoughts, habits, and beliefs do you now have?

:: Create a Toolkit for Yourself That You Can Draw Upon 24/7

Make a robust list of activities that help you feel the way you want to feel. You may choose to draw upon exercises from your ROCK STEADY book, this workbook, or from your experiments in life.

What can you do in the moments in which you feel anxious but you desire to feel grounded? For example, I breathe and do a simple body scan. I hold my hands to my heart and belly, and feeling the warmth under my hands helps me regain my sense of center.

What can you do when you feel sad but you desire to feel joy? For example, I allow the sadness space, and I feel through it, giving it color, shape, texture, and voice. I listen to it. I talk to it. I allow it to pass. Once it has evolved into the next feeling (usually calm, relief, or connection), I go and do something I love, such as play my violin. This brings me joy.

What can you do if you feel lonely but you seek to feel a sense of belonging? For example, I give the lonely feelings my loving attention and then offer myself reassurance. I connect to my inner friend. Then I go and seek nature, taking a walk in the bush or visiting the beach. I allow myself to connect to my inner friend and nature and to be in awe of the planet that we belong to. I feel a part of our shared ecologies. I focus on feeling that I belong here on planet Earth.

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