So, this is something that is being spoken about a lot. There are many people in my ROCK STEADY community who are noticing symptoms of dizziness or vertigo, or feeling not quite right after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. What does it mean? This is your body’s way of saying “my immune system is active, I’m working harder, I’m assimilating this vaccine”, and all of those things are okay, that’s what the vaccine is for — It’s to trigger an immune response. And, for some people, that will mean the body is feeling over-resourced, it’s feeling tired, it’s perhaps feeling like it’s multitasking too much, or it’s exhausted, and all of that can lead to this sense of dizziness, imbalance, and feeling not quite right.

So what to do about it? First and foremost, rest, trust your body, keep your doctor informed, but we really want to avoid getting anxious about it or making a really big deal about it. In the ROCK STEADY community, and I discussed this extensively in my book, we like to take a no big deal approach and to be present and kind and supportive with what we’re feeling rather than catastrophic or escalating the situation. So, you could read my book, ROCK STEADY, or join my ROCK STEADY community and my ROCK STEADY program for comprehensive peer support and professional guidance on how to reverse dizziness and return to normal by building a new normal and changing the way your nerves communicate, which is a process called neuroplasticity. There are many options for healing if you find yourself in this situation.