Yes, a neuroplasticity therapist is someone who understands how your neural networks are talking to each other — communicating with each other — and how to guide someone through feeling their way and embodying their way through neural circuit changes. It would be someone who has a vast amount of experience in embodying a therapy — embodying a process. It’s not something that would be learned through books or through theoretics. A neuroplasticity therapist will be someone who actually works in the body, in their own body and in their client’s body, to help navigate, “How can I take this neural experience and perhaps massage it over to that neural experience?” which will be highly individualized for each person. So the therapist will be very experienced in targeting how to shape our home practice and how to develop a home program with someone.

My ROCK STEADY program is designed to help you become your own neuroplasticity therapist, where you ask questions and you answer your own questions using your body as a guide. It is ideal that we all become our own neuroplasticity therapist. However, sometimes it’s nice to have a professional to hold our hand and guide us, or to use a program with comprehensive guidance to help build that awareness and those skills.