When we have any kind of inner ear infection, inflammation, labyrinthitis, neuritis, a vestibular insult or vestibular injury, our inner ear is fighting some kind of infection or inflammation and it needs time to settle down and heal. Often, these symptoms can come on very severely and aggressively. They usually resolve within a couple of days in terms of the intense spinning, vomiting, and just feeling absolutely awful. Sometimes, people say they feel like they’re dying or having a stroke. So, there’s usually a couple of very tender days. And from then on, in an ideal situation, we have this gradual improvement over six weeks or so and we return to normal. Anxiety is a very normal response to this spinning and vomiting, and whatever else is going on as a symptomatic response, that creates an ‘Am I dying?” feeling. Anxiety is a normal response as well, so we can expect anxiety when we have any kind of labyrinthitis, neuritis, or inflammation of the balance organs.

However, if the anxiety is not addressed, soothed, and calmed, the dizziness signals can perpetuate and end up in a chronic illness, such as PPPD (persistent perceptual-postural dizziness). So, for those of you who have a labyrinthitis and anxiety that resolves within six weeks, I think you’re likely fine. For those of you who have the chronic condition or questions, or worries, or anxiety that just doesn’t resolve and you still don’t feel right even after six weeks, I recommend trying the ROCK STEADY program and learning to use neuroplasticity to get the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual toolkit to help reset your brain, your inner ears, your eyes, your spinal column, the whole balance circuitry system, and, of course, to get the emotional support tools to directly address the anxiety that can be inhibiting and preventing recovery.