dealing with vertigo and bppv symptoms through online and home recovery programs

Seeking Balance Australia

Thriving beyond vertigo and tinnitus.


Our Online Vertigo/Tinnitus Clinic Provides:

  • Vertigo specific support tools for all types of vestibular conditions and dizziness.  We specialise in persistent dizziness.
  • Step-by-step recovery using the ROCK STEADY 12-week self-help vertigo recovery home program.
  • Mindfulness training: For professionals to learn skills and tools that can be used in clinic with chronic unwanted sensations and to boost self-awareness (with compassion rather than ‘judgment’).
  • Work 1:1 with Joey via video: Connect with Joey via Zoom video calls from anywhere in the world. Together we design strategies that feel good and keep you supported every step of the way.



Joey Remenyi, Vestibular Audiologist & Mindfulness Educator

Qualifications: MClinAud, MaudSA (CCP), BA (Psych), ACT/CBT (cert), Registered Senior Yoga Teacher

Hi there, 

Welcome to Seeking Balance, your online clinic.

You now have access to vertigo/tinnitus support no matter where you live.

I believe you are the expert in how you feel and what you need.

We teach you strategies and skills that help you learn to align your “balance-brain” and rewire your balance pathways.  In simple steps.

We are all different.  Vertigo and tinnitus can feel endless, but it doesn’t have to.

Start the online 12-week program.  Get step-by-step support.

Be informed and stay supported.

Or try 1:1 support for total efficiency as you implement new skills.

Trust your body.

Get the tool-kit for seeking balance.

Start today.

Joey Remenyi

Seeking Balance Australia

Joey has been described as a gifted teacher, a pioneer in the field of audiology and a “go-to-resource” for recovery of persistent dizziness.